Cockatiel Cage Accessories

Accessories for a Cockatiel’s Cage

The bird industry has exploded over the past few decades. Many new companies are creating unique accessories and toys for your cockatiel. Picking out the right accessories for your cockatiel’s cage depend on the size and shape of the cage. Also factor in the amount of space your cockatiel will need for walking and flapping its wings, so never overfill the cage.

There are accessories for every part of the cage. If you need new water or food dishes, they make ceramic and plastic containers that help to keep waste from contaminating your cockatiel’s food and water supply. Some of these dishes can attach directly to the side of your cage, keeping the bottom empty for walking space and flapping wings. The products available to cockatiel owners have grown, so finding something that will fit your bird should not be difficult.

Perhaps your bird needs some perches for its feet. It is important to have several different sizes of perches, so your cockatiels feet do not become sore. Holding their feet in the same position for long periods of time can damage the soft padding on their feet. Perches come in different types of materials such as wood, plastic, rope, concrete and even acrylic. A cockatiel should not have a perch bigger than 1 1/4″ and no smaller than around 3/4″. It is best to mix and match different perch materials in the cage, so that your cockatiel does not become bored with its surroundings.

There are ladders, heated perches, fancy mirrors and cuttlebone to keep your cockatiel alert, active and happy in its cage. If you live in a colder climate, then a heated perch is an easy way to keep your cockatiel warm in the winter, without having to keep a space heater in the bird room. There are many different types of ladders that will give your cockatiel hours of fun walking up and down the ladder. It is a great idea to place toy of its liking at the top of the ladder, so you can watch him climb up to play with the toy.

All cages should have some toys for your cockatiel to play with. Keeping toys in your cockatiel’s cage will allow it to exercise its brain, feet and beak. Having toys in the cage will keep your bird healthy and active. Pick toys that are the appropriate size for a cockatiel. Never pick a toy that is meant for a larger parrot because it could hurt the cockatiel.

Picking accessories for your cockatiel’s cage could be a lot of fun. Always check the accessories and replace them whenever they become old and worn. With all the different types of accessories available, you will be able to find a favorite ladder or toy for your cockatiel.