Coaching – Where Is Your Focus?

Summary: Most people don’t begin the process of developing a business if they have no intent of establishing the business. Most people also believe there are different roads that lead to success. Is this true? Or are there just a variety of perspectives along the way?

Sometimes I think there is a common misperception about developing a business. This misperception seems to be that all roads lead to business success. This idea seems to take into account the notion that a business owner can simply pick and choose what they want to do, how they want to do it and when they want to do it.

By observation this almost seems possible.

The truth is every business starts at a definite place in time. It could be after many years of mulling the idea around, it could be after the loss of a traditional job and options are few or it could be following a presentation from someone who is already a business owner.

Not only is there a definite starting place, there is an end goal – the establishment of a business. Most people don’t begin the process of developing a business if they have no intent of establishing the business.

Essentially there is but one road between that starting point and the finish line. I can hear the doubters among you saying, “Then why is everyone’s experience a little different?”

The answer to that question has to do with where they have their eyes focused. For instance many entrepreneurs are long-range thinkers so their view is as far down that road as they can see. Some like to plan ahead, but are somewhat reserved so their eyes are ahead a few yards and their gaze shifts back and forth looking for potholes. Still others take things one step at a time so their view is in the location where they intend to step next. These individuals do not like surprised and want to assure themselves that all difficulties are dealt with immediately.

In the end it’s the same road, but the perspective on how a potential business owner gets from Point A t Point B is quite different. So, when you listen to experts talk about the road to success you have to understand that each expert will have a different view of the road and not all their experiences will seem to match up.

To test this theory take a walk with family or friends tonight ask one to keep their eyes resolutely ahead, another should only look a few yards ahead and a third should watch every step.

From one you might hear about a deer that crossed a hundred yards down the path. From another you might hear of a stray branch that they almost tripped over and the third might describe some of the insects encountered along the trail

Same trail – different perspective.

We all start in the same place, we hope to end up in the same place, but we always choose our view of the road every business owner must travel.