Co-Parenting – Software Planning Calendars Make It Smooth Sailing

Divorce is a difficult time. Major life changes are occurring not just to the divorcing couple but also to their entire families. People are hurting.

It is difficult to think straight about anything at such a time. All things that were right side up are now upside down, and not much is making sense.

Divorcing couples with children have an even tougher time of it. Not only are they trying to separate themselves and their property, they must also juggle visitations for the children. It’s quite a different scenario from the childless couple going their separate ways. A couple with children is still tied to each other. How? In the raising OF those children.

Suffice to say, any ideas that make raising kids easier, particularly for a divorcing couple, are most welcome.

There are some great software products available that help by setting out visitation schedules. Such programs create calendars that are easy to read, many being color coded, and they are readily adaptable to unique family circumstances. You can print out calendars with easy display. It is easier to click a few buttons, create a schedule and print multiple copies, than it is to duplicate handwritten notes for transferal to two different hard copy calendars. And it is definitely easier than simply trying to remember dates – whose week is when, and who gets which summer weeks and holidays each year.

These products are available to couples directly, through online sales. Many law firms are also using the programs to set out agreed schedules for their client’s visitation needs.

If you are looking for a way to calendar visitation, try a search on the internet for these helpful software products, or discuss with your attorney.