Clinical Depression

Feeling depressed is a normal part of being human. These feelings usually disappear after a few hours or even a few days. There are times though, when depression gets out of hand and lasts for months, it’s this that is known as a depression disorder. These various types of depression are called Clinical depression. With Clinical depression the condition needs to be treated as soon as possible.

In Clinical depression some sort of treatment is needed to help control the symptoms or to prevent the depression from turning life threatening. There are three main types of Clinical depression. They are Unipolar or Major depression, Bipolar or Manic depression and Chronic or Dysthymia depression.

Each of these depression disorders can affect their sufferer differently. In general people who suffer from Major Clinical depression will have recurrent attacks. The severe depressed state can last from a few hours to a few months. These people will tend to feel absolutely worthless and feel a loss of motivation. Feelings of complete hopelessness and in many cases suicidal feelings may also be present.

For the sufferers of Bipolar Clinical depression they experience the same symptoms as Major Clinical depression. In addition their moods will swing towards a high euphoric state of mania. Then they will experience feelings of extreme low. While the sufferers are in the high mood they can exist for long periods of time with almost no food and no sleep.

These individuals will feel that they can accomplish anything and they will also feel invincible. These people sometimes believe that they have a personal communication link to God and their own personal celebrities. The other pattern of Bipolar Clinical depression is that these individuals have a very high thinking and speech process.

While sufferers of Chronic Clinical depression will not experience any of these symptoms they will suffer a prolonged feeling of being sad and depressed. They will experience no sense of personal satisfaction from their various day to day tasks. There maybe occasions when their depressed state could cause them to feel suicidal.

Any of these forms of depression are in their own way debilitating to the sufferer. However for any depression to be classified as a disorder it must last for quite a while without disappearing. While Chronic Clinical depression is not always life threatening, both Major Clinical depression and Bipolar Clinical depression need to be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible. Your doctor or physician can prescribe medication should you need to be treated for any of the forms of Clinical depression.