Climate Control for Conservatories

We’re all aware of the greenhouse effect and how uncomfortable it could hypothetically be. However, conservatories come with great features that ensure liveable, comfortable, pleasant temperatures. Though, you might not realise it, these features come in a range of shapes you are probably quite familiar with.

Blinds are simple, often taken for granted additions; however they are one of the most effective additions for those looking to maintain the temperature in a conservatory. They simply block out the heat or can be used to insulate from the cold. As modern conservatories are essentially all glass, they are more susceptible to heat changes than a normal room. That’s why good blinds can really be a worthwhile investment for the modern conservatory design.

Under floor heating
Of course, keeping the conservatory warm can mean having some form of provision of heating and under floor heating allows you that cosy, warm feel underfoot when you require it. You can choose from electric under floor heating or boiler linked under floor heating – all of which depends on your circumstances and the way your home is currently heated.

The radiator is also a great way to heat your home, and is one of the most popular. However they do have to be placed along the walls of the conservatory. This manner of heating often is seen as an eye sore, though some people don’t mind and it’s a completely subjective decision and depends on conservatory shape as well as its style. For example, a traditional conservatory or orangery would benefit more from radiators than a contemporary conservatory would. Radiators, like under floor heating can be either electric or boiler heated and once again this depends on the way the rest of your home is heated.

Air Conditioning
Of course, you can also place an air conditioning unit in your home. These units are becoming quieter and smaller and so more feasible than ever before. They may cost a little more but they provide probably the best way to keep a conservatory at a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, they allow the most control, so whether you prefer cooler temperatures or a cosy feel, you can choose the temperature you like to the nearest degree.

The sort of glazing and glass you use can also have a significant effect on the level of heat your conservatory holds. Double glazed glass and better can really save a significant amount on your heating bills and manages to insulate the heat levels of your room. Solar glazing helps to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choose from a range of different kinds of glass when choosing your conservatories, depending on your needs and requirements.

The design of the conservatory, number of windows and doors that can be opened and the direction which the conservatory faces also effects the level of coolness or heat your conservatory can hold. This is of course the simplest form of climate control, but also often one of the most effective and that’s why choosing a high end company for your conservatory design pays off and allows you to create one to fit in with your needs and wants.