Clenbuterol – Not worth the risk

The early 1990’s gave rise to the abolition of legal steroid use by professional athletes. However this minor setback did not stop them from looking for other alternatives. While looking for a way to increase the muscle mass on livestock, farmers stumbled across the bulking effects of Clenbuterol. A non-steroid supplement, which would enable them to produce stock with more meat. With that discovery came the intense interest of the bodybuilding industry. If it works for livestock couldn’t it also work for humans?

With the same chemical make-up as the infamous ephedrine, the non-steroidal beta-2-agonist Clenbuterol, was shown to have similar yet markedly stronger effects on muscle mass production However, because of the potentially life threatening side effects of ephedrine, the sale of Clenbuterol was banned in the United States and Canada. It is still, however, available in European markets, used primarily to aid in the treatment of bronchial ailments such as asthma.

Many athletes put the product in the same arena as the powerful steroids Winstrol and Oxandrolone. This is primarily because Clenbuterol has proven itself to be highly effective in burning fat. Furthermore, the product is shown to decrease the speed in which proteins are depleted from muscle mass. This means an increased rate of muscle growth and more muscle mass. Given these properties, some athletes will use the product in addition to steroids to increase their effects. This is a particularly popular practice prior in the three months before a weight lifting or bodybuilding competition.

In order to be effective, Clenbuterol must be taken in large doses. Male athletes will generally take five to seven 20 milligram tablets per day, while females require four to five tables. This regiment is normally followed for close to three months in order to have the highest degree of effectiveness.

One benefit users of the product find is the fact that it does not cause an uprising of male sex characteristics like those found when taking the testosterone rich steroids. However, with this being said, the supplement is not innocent in its negative side effects. Many athletes report problems that relate to the sympathetic nervous system. These might include things such as the inability to fall asleep, rapid heart rate, trembling hands, headache, increased sweating, extreme muscle contractions, dangerously high blood pressure and severe upset stomach. While most symptoms last for a week or so after beginning the three month regiment, some could cause additional serious and sometimes permanent complications.

While Clenbuterol does produce the desired muscle building effects bodybuilders are looking for, its negative side effects and illegal status in the United States and Canada should make people reconsider using this powerful supplement. In addition, with so many safe alternatives on the market, it is strongly recommended that athletes look to other sources to help them gain the bulk the need to effectively compete in their given sports.

As always, when considering the use of a supplement product, look to the advice of a doctor as well as trained fitness professional, either of which will be able to guide you in choosing the product that will best help you meet your fitness goals.