Cleansing In Psychic Self Defense

In the fast pace of life, we seem to have lost our true identity. Our pressure cooker jobs and responsibilities have become our top priorities. We hardly have time to realize our true worth. As a result, we are living a fast but meaningless life. It is often said that inner self or intuition is the voice of god. But high stress level and work related deadline does not allow us to listen to our self. The inner voice is suppressed and we lead an instable life. The person who has reconnected with his inner self has a calm mind and control over his life. Such a person also has a strong aura. Aura refers to energy that envelope an individual. Aura is also known as vibrations. It cannot be seen by everybody but can be felt.

You must have realized that when you truly miss a person, you receive his message, call or meet the person. It is the vibrations or aura that attracts as a magnet to attract a person or repel an individual. The people who can see aura are those who have connected with their inner self. The meaning and worth of their life is more than materialistic accumulations. The aura is the energy that consists of colors. Each color has a distinct identity attached to it. The shade that is present dominantly in the aura defines an individual’s personality.

Green shade is an indicator of growth, jealousy, sympathy, sensitivity and open-mindedness. Murky and dark pink color indicates dishonest attitude. Yellow shade indicates that an individual is creative, positive, motivating, aware and easy going. Orange color indicates vigor, energy, liveliness and extrovert nature. Power, prestige, insecurity regarding personal and professional life is indicated by intense lemon yellow. Pink represents love, comfort, compassion, beauty, purity and inclination towards art. Clear red signifies passion, sexual inclination, energy, power and competition. Blue is a shade of dedication, serenity and honesty Light yellow signifies spiritual and psychic awareness, optimism and encouraging notions. Deep red shade is an indicative of active, practical, focused and determined person.

Aura can be strong or negative depending on your lifestyle. A person who is spiritually inclined and has a healthy lifestyle has a strong aura. On the contrary, a person who is takes alcohol, drugs and sleeps inadequately has a weak aura. In fact, interacting or chatting with people of negative aura can weaken the aura of a strong individual. This is because the negativity of a person passes on to a person with strong aura.

The aura of an individual can be increased by various measures. Sleep for at least six to eight hours, as it refills your energy levels and charges you. Listen to music as it reduces the negative energy around you. However, music should be relaxing and soothing. Loud or too fast music can affect you negatively. Activating your ‘chakras’ or 24-energy points in the body can cleanse the energy around you. It is a very active method to strengthen your aura. Eating fruits and green vegetables is a very simple and easy way to cleanse your aura. When you active your aura, visualize golden or white colored light enveloping you. Chanting positive thoughts attracts positive energy around you. The chanting should be done regularly. Chanting can be of anything that you desire. It should be done at least thirty times a day. Meditating is another method that can be used to strengthen your aura. It is done by sitting at a serene place in your house. You are required to sit cross-legged with eyes closed. Sit silently for about 20 minutes. Following these methods will give a meaning to your life.