Classical Music – How I Was Magically Mesmerized

Copyright 2006 Tania French

Got the chills on Saturday while attending a grand event. Another performance on Sunday left me in the cold.

This is a tale of two performances, which took place less than 24 hours from each other but were light-years apart. One breathed life into me, while the other wallowed the afternoon away in blandness.

I’ll give you some of the nitty gritty details from yesterday’s classical music concert – in the form of a few tips for the performers.

Always, always share your gifts with your audience. Look them in the eyes, bare your soul and touch their hearts, or else you’ll leave them hanging.

Never abruptly end a song. Let the last note sing – that’s when the magic happens – in the silence following the final note.

Make eye contact with your fellow performers. If you don’t relate to the people you’re making music with, how on earth do you expect sparks to fly with your audience.

Take delight in your performance. Your joy will infect your listeners with the special magic that all of us crave.

Nothing compares to watching greatness in motion. Whether you’re seeing it, hearing it or reading it. That’s what happened Saturday evening. I was sitting just a few yards away from the brilliance on stage in front of me. Reveling in this spectacular rendition of Swan Lake, I realized once again how amazing we all are.

The dancers of the Russian National Ballet know how to put on a great show. They invited us into their world with effortless elegance. Joy and passion oozed from them as they physically told this timeless love story. Muscles rippled while the dancers stretched and whirled their finely tuned bodies around the stage.

Trained to embody one unit, these masters of dance moved around the stage breathing as one. It was mesmerizing.

Got shivers down my spine all evening. Facial expressions drew me in, while incredible feats of flexibility and balance enabled my heart and mind to soar. The audience, numbered in the thousands, was completely transfixed.

You could have heard a pin drop all evening.

One thing’s clear. These dancers’ bodies were totally centered and balanced. No matter which positions they flowed or jumped or twirled into, they exhibited great relaxation and balance at all times.

Just like Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music. Its ingredients are greatness and beauty, strength and sensitivity, relaxation and rejuvenation. You cannot help but be swept away.

Imagine listening to music that creates those tingles every day. It’s something all of us can use to bring our hectic lives into balance. Every one of us needs to recharge our mind, body and spirit during the day.

Take a time-out right now, get comfortable, and listen to some beautiful, uplifting classical music.