Class A Truck Driving Jobs

Do you want to drive for a living? The trucking industry is opening worthwhile opportunities for those who would want to try driving for a living a chance to see a good part of America and enjoy a hefty pay.

About 45,000 work opportunities are up for grabs all over the country for the truck drivers. They can demand a pay within the ranges of the minimum and up to $27 per hour. Usually, truck drivers earn an average of $35,000 a year for starters and a $100,000 for those drivers who venture into the business of trucking.

While the future of a truck driver seems to be bright with high pay and benefits, opportunities for growth and a steady flow of job openings, the trucking industry is beset with alarming problems such as the shortage of qualified truck drivers and the continuing increase of diesel prices.

Because people are more interested in appealing careers, the industry has no choice but to hire people who does not meet the industry standards especially for the long haul category. For the skyrocketing prices of diesel, many small trucking businesses and franchises close down thus beginning truck drivers lose the opportunity to be trained and ready for a much challenging job in the trucking industry.

The latter problem might seem to stay around for quite some time but the former should be resolved as soon as possible. Truck drivers are the kings of the road because of the sheer size of vehicles they drive. But this power is synonymous to heightened responsibilities. Beginning truck drivers must submit themselves to a number of tests to evaluate their capabilities in handling transport vehicles.

Training is very important for starters and this should not be comprised only on simple classroom instruction but also on-the-road training. Specifically, the trucking industry is in high need for Class A truck drivers, they are those who got an A+ in a certain type of test for acquiring Class A drivers license and possess a clean driving record. Aside from this qualification, drivers should be at the right age – 18 years old for drivers to drive within the state and above 20 years old for those who will drive outside the state.

They should also pass other kinds of exams such as medical and drug tests and expect to have these tests periodically because it is highly required or sometimes stated in the law of the state where you are at. For those who are dreaming of long hauls, then you must need more than these requirements and should have at least 2 years of solid truck driving experience specifically in driving big rigs.

Most employers would hire truck drivers who are trained by driving schools. Truck drivers too would take several exams from various government agencies if they want to make driving a primary career. Professional drivers are needed in the industry not school boy drivers. Special licenses may also be required if drivers would want to drive heavier rigs. Some trucking companies outline a training program for their drivers on the condition that they will work for them in a couple of years more or the drivers will have to reimburse partial of the training fees the companies have paid for them.

There are various opportunities for the truck drivers in the trucking industry enough to choose which best suit them. Drivers can even become their own operator if they have a purchased a big rig enough to rent them out. Drivers can also try to be solo or a part of a team. They can choose from a range of choices such as livestock drivers, doubles and triples, flatbed drivers, oversize load driver, tanker driver, refrigerated freight driver, LTL city or road and long haul or over the road driver.

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. Drivers should always be prepared to take on the big responsibility physically, mentally, emotionally and morally. It is a job for the tough.