Cigarette Ingredients and Your Health

Cigarettes are items that people take because they believe that these items will provide them with the relaxed feelings that they need. While this can occur due to the various substances found in the cigarettes, the unthought-of factor in cigarettes is the condition that your health is left in after some time. The main contributor to this state is the various cigarette ingredients.

While there are many advertisements which will promote cigarettes as glamorous and essential for our lives these ads seldom portray the harmful effects which are part of these cigarettes. The main reason for these effects is that of the cigarette ingredients most of which are considered as being life threatening on their own. Many of these can be found in products like household products and pesticides.

Just to give you a brief idea of the cigarette ingredients and their effects letÂ’s take a look. You can find arsenic, aminobiphenyl, nickel, vinyl chloride, chromium, ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, phenol, lead, acetone, benzene. These are just a few of the 599 additives and ingredients which can be found in cigarettes.

Now while these ingredients may for the most part sound familiar to you, it is best to see exactly what effects these cigarette ingredients can pose. We should start with ammonia. As most of you are aware ammonia is used in household cleaners. When it is used in cigarettes it can lead to asthma as there is an increase in the amount of coughing which occurs. Additionally there is an irritation which is found to the nose and the throat.

Vinyl chloride is the next item of our list of cigarette ingredients. While you might think that you will not have anything to fear from have a smoke with this ingredient in your tiny cigarette this is not the case. As you inhale the noxious fumes into your lungs you are breathing a carcinogenic. High levels of vinyl chloride have the ability of making you feel dizzy and sleepy. Additionally high levels can lead to death. This is yet another reason why you should consider quitting your smoking habit.

We have all heard of carbon monoxide as being lethal to our health. This substance however is found in cigarettes and other tobacco products. The reality of carbon monoxide which is found in cigarette ingredients is that it displaces the oxygen from your bloodstream when it enters your lungs. In this manner your blood becomes starved for air.

The various cigarette companies will not disclose all the ingredients which we find in our cigarettes. You will gain an idea of why so many people get sick from smoking when you take a look at the brief list of 12 of the 599 cigarette ingredients which have been listed.