Chuck The Fat

Many of us would like to find easy ways to lose weight. Right now, we will talk about exactly that. It is not as hard as you may think. We all have friends who seem to defy nature and eat just about anything they can get their hands on without flinching. After eating whatever they want, they then wash it down with a half gallon of milk or something.

Sound like anybody you know? But throughout the day, we get thirsty and need to drink something. What do we turn to mostly? Sodas. Why? Because they taste great and are easy to get. Those shrewd folks down at Coca Cola and Pepsi have done a great job at providing many places for us to grab a soda at any location.

Well, you shouldn’t be doing that. There are two reasons why. One is because it is wasted calories. Your body doesn’t get any benefit from drinking sodas. You might get some pep from the caffeine, but that’s about it. You might get a slight sugar rush, but it won’t be anything that lasts. The second reason is, because we are only slightly hungry. We aren’t hungry enough to go get something to eat, but a drink will satisfy us enough to our next meal.

Instead of drinking sodas all day long, drink juice. More specifically, juice with the pulp in it. I know what you are thinking. There is more of a purpose to this than moving your bowels. We all have had a bit of a problem in the bathroom department and have ran for the juice with the pulp in it. Juice with the pulp in it will fill you up. Unlike sodas, there is something actually there to curb your hunger. You will drink less because you will get full faster. Try it, you’ll be surprised.

Always stick to wheat bread. Don’t eat the white stuff. Whole wheat products are known to stabilize blood sugar levels. This means you won’t get hungry as fast. This is an easy way to curb your hunger. There are also supplements to help do this job but stick to only natural ones without side effects.

Here are some tips you can use when making sandwiches. Avoid cheese. We like to put cheese on everything these days, don’t we. I won’t be surprised if some day they make a cheese covered soda can. This is a heart attack waiting to happen. There is no reason to eat this much cheese. One of the ways you can cut down on the amount of cheese you eat is by shredding it. Use shredded cheese instead of cheese slices. You can cover the same amount of area, with less cheese. You can also do this on salads as well. Luckily, these days, there are now fat-free options for your shredded and sliced cheese needs too. Use them.

Cut down on the mayo. I would suggest that you cut this condiment completely and not even eat the stuff. I know some people who put so much mayo on their sandwiches, I can’t see how they eat them. I can’t see how they can taste anything but the mayo. But, hey, to each, his own…unless you want to lose weight. A great alternative to mayo is to put a little fat-free Italian dressing on your sandwich. Just enough so you can taste it. This will really help get rid of the fat. And, if you make your own dressing, you can decide how much oil you want in it. Another option is using hummus on your sandwich. I love this option since you can buy it fat free. For those of you who dont know what hummus is, its a Greek chickpea puree with different flavors added. I prefer garlic flavor. Its good. Try it.

Cut down on bread. If you are going out to eat and the waiter drops a bread basket on the table, push it away. Don’t eat the bread. Or, better yet, ask him to take it away. The more carbs you can get away from, the better. Cut out the silly snacks. Don’t scarf down Doritos in between meals. Instead grab an apple or some veggie sticks. You will be amazed at how good they are once you give them a chance. I love green peppers sprinkled with a little salt. Hummus comes in great here too with fresh cut bell peppers. I will take these any day over potato chips.

Stay away from fatty meats. Don’t go to the store and buy the most fatty cuts of pork you can get. Take it home and trim the fat off of it if you have to. There are tons of ways you can cook lean meat so that it isn’t dry. That is why most people like the fat in the meat, it adds juice and flavor. If you use herbs and spices, you can solve any lack of flavor problems that the fat would normally provide.

Stay away from too much dairy product. No need to fill up on ice cream that is full of fat. Instead, if you must have it, go for the low fat and fat free versions. Make an honest attempt at getting ice cream loaded with fruit, or add your own fruit to it. You won’t notice the missing fat if you add some of your own favorite fruit to it.

Avoid frying stuff. Learn how to bake, broil and steam your food. You’d be surprised at how much fat frying actually adds to your food. Yes, it does taste better, but it won’t help your waist any. You can also sautee your foods in healthier oil such as Canola and Olive oils.

There you have it. That’s not so bad, is it? I promise you, it will get much easier the more you do it.