Chronic Yeast Infections

The recurrence of chronic yeast infections can be a difficult obstacle to overcome for many people. Although there are preventative methods, cures, and over the counter medications available in the fight against yeast infections, chronic yeast infections can at the best of times hold out against all of these.

Some people use home remedies to get rid of yeast infections, and with the case of chronic yeast infections, these remedies are sometimes used in conjunction with other remedies and medications.

This should of course be done with much forethought and awareness as some ingredients present in the home remedies can react adversely with each other. The same applies for prescription medications and home remedies which are used in conjunction with each other. Not all ingredients can live happily side by side.

In these cases where a person might be thinking about mixing remedies to cure cases of normal or chronic yeast infections, a medical practitioner should first be consulted. And a log of the different types of remedies kept, as this can help in the event that the person suffers from an adverse reaction to any of the medications.

Chronic yeast infections though, occur for many reasons. One of these being that the person might have a weakened immune system due to any number of reasons. If however, there are chronic yeast infections present, immediate medical attention should be sought out to rule out the possibility of HIV/ AIDS in the person.

Chronic yeast infections are common in people suffering from this immune weakening condition, although the converse isn’t true. It’s not a fact that just because the person suffers from chronic yeast infections that they have HIV/ AIDS.

Chronic yeast infections can also come about as the result of the use, and sometimes overuse, of antibiotics. Since antibiotics were designed to fight off bad bacteria, it should then come as no surprise that some of the good bacteria also gets zapped in the process.

When this happens the natural balance of the body falls and the yeast producing bacteria are allowed to thrive. That’s why many people take preventative measures such as eating a lot of yogurt or including garlic in their diets, at the same time they are taking their course of antibiotics.

Another factor for chronic yeast infections lies in stress, and the wrong diet. Stress is a great inhibitor and imbalancer of the normal bodily functionings even though people might not be aware of this. And when this is coupled with a steady diet consisting of all the “wrong” foods, conditions for chronic yeast infections to occur are ripe.

The use of douches and scented feminine hygiene products and sprays which can cause an imbalance in the vaginal environment, can also lead to chronic yeast infections occurring.

The only way to truly prevent chronic yeast infections is to take full stock of your lifestyle and to duly change it to reflect a healthier less stressful one, where infections are least likely to occur.