Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Candida Connection

75 % of contemporary women are affected by a yeast infection more than once in a lifetime. But people don’t usually discuss this type of condition, although it is very common.

Candida (vulvovaginal candidiasis) is not a STD, but an infected person can pas the infection to the partner. The most common cause of such disease is an over-increased number of Candida albicans, generated by changes of the hormonal activity, antibiotics, illnesses, etc. the typical symptoms include itchy, sore, burning and irritating sensation of the vagina and the presence of a white thick cheesy secretion.

Vulvovaginal candidiasis generates discomfort in a large number of women, especially when it occurs for the first time, which makes a visit to the doctor absolutely necessary in order to obtain a correct diagnosis. In case it is not the first time you develop such a condition and you are already familiar with the symptoms, it is safe for you to treat it on your own. If you experience untypical symptoms such as discolored, bad odorant discharge or if the treatment has not the desired effect, address your doctor to identify the real cause of your problem.

Fatigue syndrome may follow a common cold or intestinal problem. It has an autoimmune character and also attacks a person when he/she is under a lot of stress. The evolution of this disease is progressive. The most frequent symptoms include strong headaches, exhaustion, incapacity to focus, weakness, muscular and articular pain, tenderness of the lymphatic nodes that appear and disappear for more than half a year. It affects not only the patient but also his/her close persons because the first one to be affected is the nervous system; the immune system is also depressed.

The causes of this disease may be: poor magnesium and zinc, recurrent Candida, alcohol, excessive sugar, female hormonal imbalance and overuse of antibiotics during childhood. CFS is a disease that severely discourages the patient, because it is only diagnosed after all the other possibilities have been excluded. There are many cases of erroneous diagnoses, such as neurotic or psychosomatic, because of the absence of other means to detect it except for the symptoms.

In the last decade, holistic health care providers considered that there is a close relationship between CFS and Candida. Candida was not proved to cause CFS, but the treatment used for it is also effective in controlling the other disease. The purpose of these practitioners is to find a way to determine a complete disappearance of the symptoms. They advise the patients to change their lifestyle in addition to medications: giving up sugar, having a balanced diet, getting emotional support, having massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, follow natural antifungal therapies, maintaining an unpolluted house and workplace. Very helpful are also considered to be Milkthistle, Magnesium, St. John’s worth, Oregon grape, Dandelion root and leaf, Licorice and essential fatty acids.