Chronic Bad Breath

Chronic Bad Breath Explained

Chronic bad breath is a heath condition that is characterized by prolonged odorous breath. This is often caused by periodontal diseases. The onset of these diseases is triggered by the foods you eat, liquid you drink or anything you put in your mouth that can potentially cause bad breath like tobacco products. Bad breath also happens when you miss cleaning your teeth before you go to bed or simply, do not clean your teeth and tongue as you should.

Since bad breath causing bacteria often harbor on dirty mouth, people who put less care on their oral hygiene are often the carrier of this health condition. This concludes that one of the major reasons why people have chronic bad breath is because they have poor oral hygiene.

How does poor oral hygiene instigate the onset of bad breath?

Poor oral hygiene means that you are not cleaning your mouth the mouth as often as you should.

We emphasize on the word “mouth” since there is the common notion that bad breath starts from dirty teeth. As was mentioned, bad breath is caused by bacteria harboring in dry mouth. The distinct bad breath odor is caused by VSCs or volatile sulphur compounds. VSCs are produced when anaerobic bacteria breeding on the surface of the tongue, in between teeth, and the spaces of the tongue break down of sugar and protein that are actually

This is the reason why the whole mouth should be cleaned and not only the teeth.

Dentist require you to brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day, using dental floss or other type of inter-dental brush at least once a day, and an oral antiseptic with safe level of alcohol content. A regular visit to the dentist would also keep your dentures healthy.

Other reasons why people suffer from chronic bad breath are regular intake of food, drinks and products that either degrade the quality of air you breathe or help produce more bacteria inside your mouth.

One example is dairy product. At first there you can argue that dairy products are rich in protein. But this is where the problem starts. Bacteria in the mouth break down protein to produce VSCs. And the more protein in your mouth, the more VSCs created. It should be cleared though that you are not discouraged to eat or drink diary product but if you have chronic bad breath, try to lessen your intake or better yet, clean your mouth immediately after eating or drinking any dairy product.

Coffee is another liquid that can contribute to chronic bad breath. This is because coffee contains acid that reduce oxygenation of the mouth. This results to the increase of the production of bacteria.

Sugar-based products also provide bacteria to produce VSCs.

Several spices such as garlic and onion contain pungent oil that when digested, is mixed through the bloodstream and expelled by the lungs and through the mouth creating nasty-smelling breath.

Using alcohol-based mouthwash often bring bad result than good. Since alcohol causes the mouth to try, and bacteria thrives on try mouth, VSCs can easily breed and cause chronic bad breath.

Why is it important to know these things?

Effective solution to something begins of you know why it happens. In this case, knowing the causes of chronic bad breath makes it easier for you to deal with it.