Christmas Wedding Theme

Tis the Season for Christmas Wedding Theme Celebration

What could be more solemn than celebrating your wedding in the spirit of the holiday season?

Too few couples opt for a Christmas wedding theme only because it is not so popular. However, if you come to think of it, there are plenty of good sides when it comes to a wedding celebrated amidst the sanctity of the season and the enjoyment lingering in the air.

Apart from the possible congregation of all the members of your family and the joyful spirit in the air, there are still much more to appreciate and use for your weddings advantage during this season.

If you are dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding then a Christmas wedding would be your best option. If you are planning to use and play with colors then this wedding theme could answer you best. Your food selections are also stretched and everyone could say no towards your invitation. All simply because these are parts of the Christmas spirit and everything else in between.

To start planning with your Christmas theme wedding, you must go straight with your color selection. Of course, the usual ones are greens and reds. Be careful though to commit it further as to get around the possibility of using the primary tones. Instead explore deeper and lighter hues with richness and vibrancy. Use magenta instead of cherry red and deep sea green rather than Kelly green. There are actually various options for you.

You can refrain from using greens and reds though. Why not try electric blue and silver or browns and creams. In fact, all colors could be used during this season so long as you will be able to manipulate them well.

Christmas theme favors and invitations are not so hard to conceptualize too. There are diverse choices of items to choose from. There are a lot of options presented by various craft shops that you could incorporate into your wedding items.

However, since there are not so plenty flowers during this season, you could use various plants that are commonly grown all through winter. You could consider using mistletoes and Christmas trees to accentuate the place of your reception. Or you can use dried flowers that will bring the effect of warmth and calmness.

Your Christmas tree could also work well as the safe keeper of your wedding favors. You may hang decorations in your tree which would later serve as your giveaways after the celebration. Consider having your wedding favors personalized with the names of your guests if you have a considerably short list of guests. This would make their attendance and your wedding a bit more meaningful.

Also, us the effect of small Christmas lights. These would best suit the season and the celebration especially when they are particularly small. Remember to use only one color so as to keep them from looking tacky. Strategize their locations and maximize their precious use. You can hang them on the Christmas tree, the walkways, tables and doorways.

And don’t forget the, the food. Keep the element of the season by serving delectable dishes of turkey, sliced ham and others.

To keep the air intact with romance and enjoyment, you could set a bonfire roaring.

Lastly, there’s no better time to celebrate a Christmas theme wedding rather than do it in a clear night when the air is chilly enough to help you feel the warmth of the season and the celebration.