Christmas Is A Time To Be Together

There’s nobody who can say Christmas is easy and although it’s supposed to be a holiday where people get to spend time together this isn’t always the case as everyone rushes around getting jobs done, buying gifts, preparing meals and cleaning the house. I’m sure you have the same thing in your house, the family arrive, you open the gifts, clear up the wrapping paper, prepare and eat dinner, wash the dishes, and finally find time to sit down but by then you’re so exhausted you fall fast asleep in front of the TV!

If your family live all over the UK and don’t come together too often then Christmas Day can feel rushed with no time for chit chat, catching up with each other’s news and generally just hanging out together. Completely the opposite of what it is supposed to be about!

However don’t despair as there are ways you can achieve quality time with the family, you just have to get back to some of the old traditions that seem to have been left on the wayside over the years, or invent new ones that everyone will enjoy being part of. Instead of your extended family arriving on the 25th why not invite them to come over on Christmas Eve? Then this way you have the evening to sit and talk before the big day arrives.

Part of the fun of the yuletide season is that everyone helps in the preparations – peeling and cutting vegetables, organizing party games and getting the house nice and clean ready for visitors are just some of the activities families can do together, it’s all about just being with each other. Watch the festive movies and put some appropriate music on, put the cards you receive in the window and decorate the rooms, the house will not only look good but it will also create a cheerful and happy feel.

Getting the family to arrive on the eve of xmas means you could introduce the tradition of decorating the pot grown Christmas tree together, ask everyone to bring a new decoration they have chosen themselves. Help the young members of the family to bake cookies which they can then offer any visitors that may pop in. Cookies are easy for kids to make and fun to decorate, remember it’s all about spending time together that matters most at this age. Once you’ve introduced these traditions you’ll be surprised how eager everyone will be to be part of the festivities.

If your living quarters are a bit cramped, particularly once all the family arrive then consider pot Christmas trees for convenience and size. Grown in their pots from seeds their root system is well developed which means you can replant them later on in the garden, thus in the future you’ll always have a tree for this time of year.

Caring for pot grown xmas tree isn’t difficult, keep it fresh and fragrant throughout the festive season and enjoy it. It’s best to leave it outside until you’re ready to decorate then take it indoors and stand it somewhere cool away from fireplaces and over heated rooms and water regularly so it doesn’t dry out. Once the holidays are over you can move the tree into the garden and either plant it directly into the ground or transfer it to a larger pot.

In the holidays it’s important to take the time for the ones you love, slow down the pace and do simple, everyday things that normally there is no time for. If you are too busy getting stressed by trying to do everything yourself then the chance to get to know your family better and give them happy memories is just wasted.