Christmas In Brussels – Great time in Brussels Hotels

Starting in the Place Saint-Jean and continuing to the Place Sainte-Catherine, going through the Bourse (Belgian Stock Exchange), and the Fishmarket, 220 Christmas country cottages take place and change our capital into a “Christmas Tales Village” where you can discover thousands of gifts ideas and have a wonderful time in Brussel Hotels.

Going to the Grand-Place and leaving the Place Saint-Jean. The Grand-Place was changed into a fairy Christmas place. It comes back to the Christmas traditions and suitable amazement for childhood because of the accomodation of monumental luminous installation. A marvelous sound and light demonstration takes place every day and concerts every saturday.

You will be bewitched by Brussels Hotels and one evident example is The Hôtel de Ville; another fantastic building is the King’s House and there are some other constructions dating from the XVIth century. It is also importan to know that the Hôtel de Ville of Brussels , an important Brussels hotel, was built in the heart of the city and that Charles-Quint himself put the first stone during its construction. You can not stop visiting the Pentagon (actually, our city is a pentagon) paved in its center.

If you leave the Grand-Place by the Rue au Beurre you will discover our Brussels lace mercantile establishments and tapestries which hold miles of original gifts ideas. Crossing the Rue au Beurre, you will be at the Bourse and get into the Christmas village: country cottages are already set up , the craftsmen expect you and propose to you, apart from the gifts, the opportunity of drinking a hot wine or another reinvigorating drink or tasting delicious winter specialities from their countries.
It is a good idea to continue your walk by the street Devaux and the street Sainte-Catherine. On the place Sainte-Catherine, the Black Tower as of the horse-gears and the Ice Monster will be a nice time for your children, while you will visit theTallinn Christmas Village craftsmen who precisely expose to this point. After this experience, you will have a fantastic rest in a Brussel Hotel in order to continue with the fun next day.

Another excelent idea is to visit is the Fishmarket and discover the Skating Rink. It is the main attraction of the Brussels winter. The children can safely slip on a little track set for them. It is good to keep an eye on your children, while tasting a drink in the mountain brewery being next to the skating rink.

To finish this excursion in the Brussels Christmas Village, we recommend you to visit the Big Wheel ; which can be found just after the skating rink. The show of this big machine is even amazing when the night falls and its 18.000 bulbs light.

While walking through the Brussels Christmas Market you will also meet plays, concerts, troops of travelling artists, processions, who will enjoy your way by their beauty and art.

During one month, Brussels becomes a city with the colors of the winter and traditions of Christmas because of its old popular attractions and the best part Brussels hotels to complement your splendid time in this city.