Christmas – How To Create A Fun & Cherished Christmas!

Copyright 2006 Bernadette Dimitrov

A great way to ensure your Christmas will be remembered with warm and cherished memories is to incorporate some rituals. Adding rituals to the festivities will create fun and magic moments that will not only live in your families memories forever but will be excitedly looked forward to each year. Rituals will bring your family closer together creating joy and happiness for all!

Here is a fun ritual you could incorporate into this coming Christmas. Add some Christmas bells to the dinner table and ring them just before the festive meal is ready, calling all to attend the dinner table. Long before Christmas in the old days, bells were once rung with the assumption that the noise would chase away evil spirits. Santa Claus has jingling bells that he uses accompanying his sleigh ride around the world each year. His bells are symbols; they are jingled to remind us of the birth of new beginnings and the death of ignorance (once referred to as the devil).

Ringing bells before the meal is eaten is a wonderful reminder to push away judgments, speak no ills, and come together with a sense of joy, positivity and acceptance for one another. Make the festive meal a time where you all come together and share a positively good time. A time where only supportive words are spoken, encouragement and acknowledgement of each other is heard. Ringing the bells will remind all to keep positive, bright and joyous!

So have some fun, get yourself some jingling Christmas bells and chase away any menacing spirits or thoughts before the festive meal. You can be creative with your jingling and get your children to enjoy a brisk stroll through the house or around the dinner table as they jingle the bells joyously to ensure no menacing mischief makers will be heard on the day! The children will love this fun activity and all will enjoy the friendly reminder of the bells if anyone starts to slip up on their good attitude throughout the day!

Another ritual you could incorporate is the ‘Mistletoe Game’. This is a very old Christmas game where it was once common place to have suspended Mistletoe hung in the main room. For this game everyone would assemble in a circle around the Mistletoe. The first player (a male) has to slide a slipper and aim so it will land under the Mistletoe. If he fails another takes their turn. If he succeeds, even more fun begins as there is a scramble in the direction of the lady towards which the slipper points. She must seize the slipper and get away before being caught!

Rituals offer the opportunity for family and friends to interact in a joyous and fun manner. So why not add a few rituals to your festive day to add some fun and create great memories of a truly joyous and happy day.