Choosing Wedding Refreshments for Your Wedding Day

The choice in wedding refreshments is a wide and exciting one. There are so many, in fact, that it may be best to step back a moment and make your decisions in pieces and sections. How many guests will be attending? Are you considering a theme of some sort? What drinks will be served? A bride may choose to give favors to guests that will provide refreshments for later. It can be argued that the refreshments are one of the most important parts of the reception. After all, when your guests are happy, you’re happy.

The amount of people who will be in attendance is a big factor both in budget, and in style. There are no set rules when it comes to what refreshments should or should not be served, only common sense. It’s important not to overdo things for a smaller reception. On the other hand, you don’t want your guests to go hungry. Wedding receptions are often long, and guests will be looking forward to something they can eat and drink while making conversation.

All of these selections are generally left to the bride and groom. If the families do not drink alcohol and the refreshments will more than likely be punch, juice and soda based. It’s polite to always give a non-alcoholic alternative whether or not alcohol is being served.

A professional bartender might be hired and there are a few different bar choices you have:

* Open Bar – This would seem the best option but for the bar tab at the end of the night. However, an open bar gives the guests the most possibilities.
* Limited Bar – You choose a selection of drinks with your caterer/bartender. You may choose to limit the number of drinks each guest is aloud. Limiting the times that your bar(s) are open is also an option.
* Juice, Soda and Coffee Bar – A good idea with or without serving alcohol. After all, someone needs to drive. These drinks are sometimes served later, after the toasts have been made. If that’s the case, sparkling cider should be served alongside Champaign.

Many wedding favors are available that provide wedding guests with single servings of coffee, teas and hot chocolate that were made in different parts of the world. These flavored coffee and teas can be prepared at work or at home. Guests are sure to be refreshed after drinking such things and will remember the happy times that they had at the wedding reception each time a new cup is served.

It’s important to be content with your decision in that it’s your day. However, keep in mind that, ultimately, the refreshments are meant for your guests. By no means does this mean that you should ask your guests their different tastes and distastes. It only means to keep the guests in mind. Often, taste can bring back the memories of your wedding to your guests and yourself. Be as unique as you wish to be when making these choices. The possibilities are endless.