Choosing Web 2.0 Templates

Choosing Great Web 2.0 Templates

The internet is moving into the era of web 2.0, where everyone controls the data and what happens to it. Because of this, more and more websites are giving people the freedom to create their own web pages. This prospect, of course, is appealing to the many web surfers out there today. However, not all people have the time or the talent to decorate each web page. In order to help people with designing their web pages, a lot of sites today offer web 2.0 templates.

How do you choose the web 2.0 template you can use? Here are a few pointers:

1) Color scheme – You could choose to go with a web 2.0 template that uses a color scheme that you like. Often, people are more attracted to templates which use colors more than lines in order to create a design. By using color schemes to judge your choice of web 2.0 template, you are opening your website design for a number of interpretations. Color schemes are great that way.

If you don’t really look at colors for their symbolism, why not go simple and pick a web 2.0 template which has colors that please you? Instead of thinking about what will people think when they see the design of the website you would only worry about whether or not the web 2.0 template will be pleasing to their sight. One thing you should consider about when picking colors is the font. You should pick a web 2.0 template which does not render the text invisible.

2) Function – you could also choose a web 2.0 template based on the various features of your webpage. Most of the web 2.0 templates available today actually help people organize the layout of their website. When you are picking a web 2.0 template, make sure that the template actually fits the function of the website. You do not want a business web page to look like the personal profile of someone looking for a blind date.

Choosing the template based on the function will help you determine the ultimate goal of your website. It will also help you determine the features that you should remove from or add to your website. The best thing about choosing web 2.0 templates based on the function is the fact that you will be helping the visitors of your site to explore your site at will. By adding various features to your website, you will be making each visit interesting.

3) Symbolism – think of an emotion, or a word that you feel describes you in a nutshell. Make use of this idea to search for a web 2.0 template that truly is you. By placing yourself in the webpage, you will help people understand the message that you wish to send. Symbolism can come in the form of images; it can be in the form of one small blotch of red in the middle of a pristine white background.

A thousand words can be expressed through the use of one image. When choosing a web 2.0 template, you need to make sure that you have researched the design and understood its significance. However, you also need to remember that people have personal interpretations for a symbol. The interpretation that matters when choosing a web 2.0 template will always remain to be yours alone.