Choosing Wall Decals for Baby Nursery

Do you have a baby or are you expecting a new member in your family? If yes, decorate and be ready with a baby nursery, where both you and your new baby will be spending most of the time. Of all the things that make up a wonderful, warm and inviting space for your new baby, wall decals are one. Your baby would definitely not want to see boring, plain walls. Wall decals are the easiest and least expensive ways to decorate your baby’s nursery.

Wall decals take a prominent place in the baby nursery decoration as walls make up for the most of the visual space in the room.

When it comes to decorating a baby nursery using wall decals, many of us often get confused as there are endless choices for nursery wall decals. Today, wall decals are literally available in hundreds of designs. This can make choosing wall decals a daunting task for some parents. Here, in this article, we will discuss on how to choose wall decals for baby nursery.

Should promote calm and serene environment
A wall decal, besides reflecting your style and vision, should be appealing, calming and inspiring for the baby. The rule of thumb for decorating your baby nursery is, make it delightful. Choose a baby-friendly, relaxed and natural color theme. Serenity is the key! Though pastels are fine, you can also opt for bright colors like orange, green, or blue, as they make the room look lively and natural.

As your baby cannot peep outside the window, make his/her room a reality TV! Opt for wall decals with pictures of birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, animals, etc. Initially, they are soothing and as the baby grows, they nourish the baby’s world of imagination. Remember, babies try to learn new things every day.

Stimulate the child’s imagination
Baby’s eyes start focusing generally from the age of three months. In contrast to elders, babies feel first and think later. For them, everything around is new, interesting, fun and intriguing. As their vision becomes clearer day by day, they are up for great discoveries! Hence, choose wall decals that boost their imaginary senses and help in building basic sensory skills.

As babies vision is not sophisticated, choose images that are clear, simple, basic and help in inspiring the baby, tracking the images easily and stimulating the imagination. By adding interesting images like green tree, cute birds, brown monkey, alphabet animals, everyday objects, etc., you can make your baby practice to recognize those images. As this continues, the baby learns to focus and improves sense of sight and recognition.

On a side note, nursery wall decals are versatile and can easily be replaced with new ones as the baby grows – you no longer need to paint the whole room to change the theme that helps in educating your baby. You can simply pull off the old ones and put new ones that match your child’s age and interest.

Match wall decals to the crib bedding set
Having taken care of baby’s requirements, it’s now time to see if these wall decals match with the room’s décor. Take into account the crib bedding set that is leaning up against the wall. This makes up for the good look of the room. Wall decals can be matched with the color and design on crib bedding set, other wall colors, window coverings, pillows, etc.

Wall Decals are perfect accessories for themed nurseries
Of the various decorative items in the room, wall decals are quite easy to be customized as per the theme. Wall decals can be – entertaining, soothing, colorful and inspiring; it all depends on your theme. Choose the theme that positively influences the baby.

With many online stores offering wall decals, you can easily create a cheerful nursery for your baby. You can even keep changing wall decals as your baby grows.