Choosing the right Venue Finding Specialist for your Event can be difficult.

You’re in a pickle; you have an afternoon to find a venue in central London that can host your company AGM. You have 200 delegates that need accommodation and dining, on top of that you have to make sure you have all the correct equipment such as LCD Projectors, Flip Charts, Internet and Email Services. Where do you start?

Venue Finding Specialist are becoming the most preferred method for sourcing your event and conference requirements. Venue and hotel occupancy rates are reaching new highs and becoming ever more time consuming for companies to arrange. Most venue finding specialists are funded by hotels and conference venues, so the service they offer should be completely FREE.

So some things to consider when choosing the right venue finding partner for your event are;

•Are their services FREE?

•How much industry knowledge and experience do they offer?

•Do they offer objective and independent advice?

•Will they negotiate the best rate possible for your event?

•Do they offer complete management information on your company expenditure and support for budgeting major events?

•Finally, do they offer a guaranteed response time of 2 hours for all enquiries?

•Do they source worldwide?

•What additional services do they offer?

•Do they have membership to approved association?

Once you have chosen your preferred specialist, they should do the following;

•Listen to your brief and ascertain your key objectives

•Supply objective advice on venues and conference equipment suppliers

•Source a range of suitable venues to match your event or meeting requirements

•Negotiate the best price for your event and associated components

•Secure the space, pending decision on suitable venue

•Produce a comprehensive proposal giving details of venues, available rooms and costing breakdown

•Discuss the proposal with you and extend the search if necessary

•Arrange literature to sent to you direct from your preferred venue

•Set up site visits, meetings with key staff and they can even accompany you if you so wish •Arrange contracts between yourselves and your chosen venue

•If required, they can save you time by liaising with the venue on pre-event issues

In Summary, they should save you both time and money, allowing you to concentrate on the most important parts of your event, the content and your delegates. Be an active member of an association i.e. the Hotel Booking Agents Association, the industry specialists for hotel and conference bookings. Membership of the HBAA requires that they adhere to a strict code of conduct; this means you can expect the highest standard of service possible.