Choosing The Right Facilities Management Service

Facilities management services have become important for all kinds of organisations in the last few years, and commercial businesses have made full use of, and become dependant upon, the solutions they provide. They not only help keep on top of waste issues and maintain the property, but can also assist in co-ordinating the daily operations to make the business run more economically, giving you the edge over competitors.

Hospitals, chemical plants, factories and other commercial facilities are realising the huge benefits of outsourcing waste management. Each service has a different approach to dealing with clients and, although there are standard practises for the collection and disposal of waste, the efficiency and services provided by each can vary considerably. Every business has unique needs and specific objectives to fulfill which makes it important to identify exactly what is needed in terms of how the facility is managed if the right service is to be chosen.

Fully integrated services can effectively handle all aspects of commercial waste by means of the latest, technologically advanced equipment. Staff undergo the necessary training so they can work efficiently and safely to deliver a complete solution for their commercial clients, and they have the experience to deal with a broad spectrum of services including liquid waste collection and treatment, dry waste collection and disposal, building maintanence, protective coatings, drain and sewer cleaning and high pressure water jetting.

Each client requires its own system and the first thing an environmental service will do is to assess their needs on an individual basis by performing an extensive assessment of the site. This will determine the waste and recycling needs, a suitable and resourceful solution for the collection, removal and processing or recycling of all waste streams will then be explained in the form of a facilities management plan. Once the schedule has been agreed the service should be reviewed on a regular basis with regards to the effectiveness of the operations put into place.

The simplest form of management is the provision of skip bins for all waste streams but there are lots of additional services offered to the commercial sector. These range from general waste and recycling, bulky and construction waste, and liquid and hazardous waste, to the destruction of confidential products and documents, electronic waste and clinical and quarantine waste.

A fully integrated service will take care of everything on and off site leaving you to focus on your primary business. This can incorporate even the smallest tasks such as painting and decorating, refurbishments, safety and cleaning, dilapidations, and anything else that requires maintenance.

One of the main priorities of your chosen company should be customer service. An efficient service, in both time and money, is going to make an organisations working day run much more smoothly and quickly, so it’s not only important to find specialist’s in every area of waste management but also that they have a good understanding of the whole process including the ability to deliver on time and being cost-efficient.

Leading facilities management companies have a reputation for consistency and environmental responsibility, and relevant experience that allows them to develop systems that ensure contracts and projects are managed step by step through the process. Forward-thinking companies are committed to the expansion of new practices including sustainable environmental solutions. Employees have superior knowledge and expertise in their field and the training and skills required to find the right solution for your organisation. Keeping appointments and to the agreed schedule, arriving on time as agreed and returning calls are all part of a good service and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Environmental companies are always be on the look out for ways to improve the service they provide and minimise costs for their clients. Look online for more information on waste management Sydney.