Choosing The Perfect Makeup For Blue Eyes

A lot of women are wondering how to choose the right makeup for blue eyes. Well, the answer can be found in this article. The main idea is to apply the color correctly to make you look good. So it is not difficult to choose the right makeup for blue eyes.

The most important thing when applying eye shadow is to match it to your clothes and to your natural nuance.

When matching the eye shadow to your clothes, it is easy to create a nice dramatic look. Applying the right eye shadow can easily draw attention to your eyes. For instance, if you wear dark clothes that overpower more subtle eyes makeup. Though, you should keep in mind that if a color is looking good applied around your eyes, it doesn’t mean that that color is looking good on your clothes. So, when choosing the right eye shadow, you should take into account that the color should not match only your clothes, it has to fit your eye color too.

This method can be applied for any occasion. It will always match the color of your clothes and it has an elegant and natural look. Though, it has a disadvantage, that it can’t fit to everyone. For example, it is not the best method for those with blue eyes and dark brown hair. Another drawback is that you can’t be sure about the natural coloring and how to find it in an eye shadow. Though, you can consult a makeup artist to find out your skin nuance and to choose the perfect eye shadow.

Like I said before, choosing an eye shadow that fits to you can be a difficult thing to do sometimes.
In the beginning, you should start by buying some cheap shadows in different colors and find out which of those fits to you. Before applying the shadow on your eyelids, you should test it on the inside center of the forearm (not on the back of your hand, like a lot of women do). Mixing the colors together can also be a great idea. By doing that, you can easily obtain the color you want. Next after finding the color that fits to your eyelids, you can try its different tones, for a flawless and natural eye shadow.

An important tip is that lavender fits to any eye color, especially for blue eyes.

If you don’t like to wear an eye shadow color, or if you have not find it yet, you can apply bronzer or body glitter instead. You can apply silver if you want a little color, also. After the application, it is time for mascara.

Above you can find some tips about how to choose the right makeup for blue eyes. Now, you will find out what colors to avoid. Even if they seem to match, there are a lot of colors which can make you look bad if you are wearing them.

Never apply blue! It will distract the attention from your eyes and this is not good at all. Your eyes should always be the center of attention.

The brown eye shadow is also not recommended. Like the blue color, it will distract the attention from your eyes. Brown is the opposite of blue so it would not make you look good.

Like blue and brown, the gold color won’t look good for those with blue eyes. Though, if you have tan skin, you can wear it. If you don’t, you can use silver as an alternative.

In the end, I want you to remember that you should test the eye shadow colors before wearing them.