Choosing The Best Baseball Bat

Baseball bats have come a long way from years gone by when all you had was the same old maple bat. Now there all types of sizes made of different composite materials, and a plethora of brands.

Following are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a baseball bat:

1. Baseball bats should not be too long or too short. Keep in mind that it should be no taller than your waist if you stand it on the ground.

2. Your grip of the baseball bat is extremely important. Your finger tips should be slightly touching when you grip the bat.

3. Baseball leagues may have certain requirements in place that a baseball bat must meet. Please check with the league you play with for more information.

4. Accurate and power hitting are derived from a well balanced bat. Yes, there is a lot of human skill required but you have to use the right tool for the job.

Two of the most popular baseball makers today are Demarini and Easton. Demarini makes a doubled-walled bat that has dominated the baseball bat industry. They also have some newer models that add power to a swing by integrating composite materials into their bats.

Another great baseball bat comes from Easton. Easton bats are made of composite materials, aluminum, wood, and alloys. Given that Easton has been in the baseball bat business for 30 years, speaks well of their reputation.

Top hitting performance can be enhanced greatly with the right baseball bat. Make sure you make a good investment in a bat to reap all the benefits of playing with the right tool.