Choosing Sunroom Flooring

Flooring Choices Can Make A Real Statement
The walls have been chosen, the materials carefully picked, and the sunroom’s design is just about finished. But, there’s still the ever-important question about what to do with the floors.

Flooring options for sunrooms can be as diverse as they are for an interior of a home, but the first question that must be asked is what kind of sunroom is being built? If the sunroom will be a solarium type with full climate controls and year-round use possibilities, the sky is really the limit when it comes to flooring choices. For sunrooms that will have some exposure to the elements, the options narrow a bit, but creativity can still reign.

Here are some basic ideas for a year-round sunroom’s floors:

* Wood flooring – Since extreme temperatures and water considerations shouldn’t be present, hardwood floors are a nice choice for a sunroom that’s welcoming and classic in appearance. Wood flooring can be used regardless of the design scheme and lends itself to a rustic setting or even an upscale one.
* Tile – Tile goes with anything. As with the wood, the design can be as upscale or down home as is desired.
* Carpeting – Don’t settle on plain, boring indoor/outdoor blends. Any type of indoor carpeting will work in a year-round sunroom from durable berbers to beautiful shags, the possibilities are endless.
* Concrete – This choice is always available, but not necessarily the most eye appealing.

Homeowners that go with a sunroom that will have seasonal use still have some options available to them when it comes to flooring beyond the indoor/outdoor astro turf type carpeting and plain concrete. Here are some ideas:
* Tile – Tile and laminates if laid correctly work well under most conditions. This is particularly a good choice if dirt and muck might be tracked in from time to time.
* Wood floors – Plank flooring treated for outdoor exposure can add a rustic feel and still stand up well as long as repeat treatments are given as necessary. Similar to a deck design, the right kind of wood with the right kind of sealer can even withstand a harsh winter’s snow and maintain a nice appearance.
* Combination – Wood and tile or indoor/outdoor carpeting combined with the most durable in the areas where exposure is high. With a nice design and creativity, the combination can give the flooring an elegant look.

Regardless of the sunroom design chosen, flooring is an important consideration. Choose what suits your personal tastes, but be certain to pick something that will withstand the uses the room will get.