Choosing CD or Cassette Players

Car Stereo Choices: Cassette Or CD

Making the choice to upgrade a car stereo system from the stock model that’s included in most cars is something many motorists choose to do. The problem people who aren’t familiar with electronics soon run into is deciding what gadgets and perks to get and which bells and whistles can be lived without.

In a lot of cases, the answer to this question is simply personal choice. For the music lover with a keen ear, only the best equipment at the highest prices will do. For someone who enjoys tunes, but doesn’t need concert quality in their car, a more basic set up will more than suffice. Others still make choices that fall somewhere in the middle.

One of the biggest choices a buyer will have to make beyond the quality of the radio receiver is what, if any, auxiliary items should go along with the system. A big question for many is whether to buy cassette or CD equipment and some simply end up choosing both. There are even some models that combine it all together along with the receiver.

If the systems you’re looking at offer an either or choice, consider what you like listening to. Do you have a cassette collection that’s 100 deep and only three CDs? If so, the answer is pretty clear. But if you’re somewhere in the middle of the road, consider the fact that cassettes are nearly impossible to come by nowadays and the choice becomes obvious.

There are some advantages to a CD system over a cassette system for a driver, too. The ease of using CDs makes this choice actually a little safer for drivers. There’s no need to keep a finger on a button with a CD to change songs or get to specific parts of a song. The less time you spend fiddling with the musical options and the more time your eyes are on the road the better.

Other benefits of the CD over tapes include the obvious – sound, storage, multi-disk changing capabilities of some systems and so on.

Deciding to buy a stereo system that includes a CD or a cassette player is a personal choice. If the decision can’t be made, consider adding both. But when it comes to sound quality, ease of use and options for new additions to the musical collection, CDs are often the better choice or even more modernized CD/MP3 players.