Choosing Board Games for Kids

No matter which board game you choose, among hundreds available in the market today, you will surely get a run for your money as they all have certain benefits that are helpful in kids’ learning development. However, just like most kids toys, selecting which board game to buy for kids must depend on certain factors.

Finding a board game that is suitable for the kid’s age is the most important thing you must consider. As with most toys, board games for kids indicate age recommendations such as 3+, 6+, 12+, etc. When in doubt, age recommendations are a good guideline to follow. Take note of choking hazards as well. Many board games have small pieces that can be dangerous if swallowed. But you should not limit your choices based on the age that is printed on the board.

It is advised to look for games that will enhance the learning experience of your kids. For example, preschoolers should play something that teaches basic math skills or something that deals with shapes and colors. The game doesn’t have to be highly intellectual to be educational. Most board games for kids have very simple rules, are very easy to play and yet, can be very helpful in the learning process of kids.

For kids in grade school, choose something that is more challenging – a game that involves basic logic and strategy. Word games that improve vocabulary and language skills would be a big help to their development. Games such as Yahtzee, Scrabble Jr., Boggle and Upwords are winners.

Choosing board games for teens can be difficult because they are more preoccupied with other activities. However, if they show interests, choose things that are more complex and require strategic skills such as board wargames, monopoly, scrabble and chess.

Here are some game boards for kids with age recommendations:

Chutes and Ladders (Snakes and Ladders) – ages 3 and up
Candyland – ages 3 and up
Sorry! – ages 6 and up
Hungry Hungry Hippos – ages 3 and up
Cranium Cariboo – ages 3 and up
Cranium Hallabaloo – ages 4 and up
Cranium Balloon lagoon – ages 5 and up
Cranium Cadoo – ages 7 and up
Qwirkle – ages 6 and up
Oodles of Doodles – ages 10 and up
Mouse trap – ages 6 and up
High Ho! Cherry-O – ages 3 and up
I Spy Eagle Eye – ages 5 and up

Aside from age, another factor you should consider when choosing board games for kids is the interest that they have. Many board games have themes, often based popular television shows, movies, cartoons and comic books. Kids love it when they receive a toy or a game that is based on their favorite characters. Think of Sponge Bob, Dora, Little Mermaid, Batman, Spiderman, Pokemon and Harry Potter. These characters are often applied on classic games. They cost more but they are a sure hit on kids.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” applies to buying board games. Take note that quality and playability comes with a price so if a particular game can be played repeatedly for the years to come, it will be worth extra bucks. On the other hand, short-lived games, particularly those that are designed for kids from 3 to 8 years old, will not last very long and are not worth much investing on.