Choosing And Writing A Baptism Thank You Card

There are so many ways to personalize Baptism Thank You Cards that is can be hard to make the right choice. There’s a dazzling range of colorful and individual options to help us show appreciation for the gifts given on baby’s special day.

Now you can, if you choose have your own photograph of baby immortalised on individual Baptism Thank You cards. Various companies allow you to add Baptism details along with a choice of other embellishments.

Personalized cards though aren’t everyone’s choice. Some of us still resort to the ‘old-fashioned’ pen and paper letter writing route. Whilst this of course is still a great option, you may like to choose some special textured paper on which to share your gratitude for gifts received. It’s a joy to write on special paper, especially as it is paper selected especially for this one occasion.

Don’t forget to buy sufficient paper and matching envelopes for your needs. Some of us write ‘large’ so you may find yourself using two sheets. That’s even more likely if you chose small sized paper.

If you’ve a creative streak you may prefer to make your own special handmade thank you cards. This would really give you a chance to be inventive. If you’ve got the time, this is a great idea. You could personalize some bought cards with your own touch of ribbon or bow etc.

This might be a time to ‘push the boat out’ in how you respond to the many gifts you and your baby might have received at their Baptism or Naming Day. What kind of special card could you choose or create that would help you celebrate the day?

The event is certainly a notable one in yours, your baby’s, and the larger family group’s memory. Marking the occasion with some well-chosen cards will be something that you can all look back on in the years to come.

It’s worth spending a bit of time looking around at what’s available so as not to limit your options. Don’t be tempted to rush for the ‘bog standard’ off-the-shelf pre-package, unless that of course suits your budget, and your emotions. Think about the part the thank you card plays in ‘rounding off’ the special event in your lives.

Remember that all thank you cards build on existing relationships for the future and whilst it is you – the parent who is writing the cards, you do so on behalf of your little one. Baptism Thank You Card wording is equally important.

As you’re building his/her standing within your family community, your choice of the right Baptism – or Christening Thank You Card (as it’s also known) is worth a longer look.

Once you’ve got your card, choosing the appropriate Baptism Thank You Card wording can often prove a challenge. This is especially so for first time parents keen to do things ‘right’.

Religious etiquette suggests that baptism thank you cards should be sent no more than two weeks after the ceremony or service. As it’s customary to give gifts on these important occasions you may have a number of thank you cards to write.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to make a list of who has given you what. That way you can be specific and personal in thanking people for their kind thoughts and presents.

Mention the gift itself, how you – and your baby are enjoying it and using it, or how they will use it in the future (if it is a gift for a later stage in life). You may mention how lovely it was to see them at the baptism itself – if they were able to attend.

Many people, who haven’t personalised their card with a photograph of baby, attach a photo to their card or letter.

If you have some idea how much you might write before hand then this could affect the size of card you choose. Your handwriting may be exuberant and large, requiring more space than someone who writes small. Thinking about this early on is always a good idea.

Finally, when you sign off, add all your names, you, your partner’s and of course baby’s. Everyone loves to see baby’s name on the card, and as proud parents, it gives you another chance to write baby’s name!

It’s also wise to order your Baptism Thank You cards or Christening Thank you Cards along with the Birth Announcement and Baptism Cards to ensure a continuity of design style.