Choosing an Engagement Ring Box

The Importance of the Box

Many men spend hours, even days in jewelry shops searching for the perfect engagement ring. They look for the carat size, diamond cut, setting, color and certain sparkle that is perfect for their soon-to-be spouse. They look until they have found the perfect ring for that perfect finger. However, few men fail to think about the box in which the ring will be placed.

The box is the first thing that your future wife will see when you hand over the ring. It will tell of the quality and craftsmanship of the ring within the box and it will show her that you have spent time and consideration purchasing a ring that means everything to you and will to her. Therefore, it is important that you do take into consideration the quality of the box that holds the ring.

First and foremost, you should know that most fine jewelers will have boxes to accompany these rings. Many times, these boxes are made with a quality that is sufficient for your engagement ring. They will be durable, tasteful and made with high-quality materials.

If you are buying an antique ring, a ring that was used or a ring that comes in a lesser-than appropriate box, then you should know what to look for from an appropriate engagement ring box. Here are some guidelines:

1. Sturdiness
The sturdiness of the box is very important. It may never be subjected to extreme pressure, but in the event that it is, you will want it to withstand and protect the ring. The top and the bottom should be aligned when they close and the seal should appear to be airtight so that it makes a “snap” sound when you close it.

2. Material
Ideally, the exterior of your box will be made of a fine felt material. The interior should be made of silk or a polyester blend. It should appear as if the ring is sitting in a bed of pillows or cotton.

3. Holder
The ring should slip right into a ring holder and stand straight up and down. It should appear as if you are presenting the ring to a queen and that the ring almost stands alone between the two pillows.

While the ring box is certainly not the most important part of the package that you are giving to your future wife, it is a critical part simply because it is the first thing that she will see when she opens her hand to receive your proposal. Make sure it is the highest quality box that you can find.