Choosing a Ring Metal

What Ring Metal Should I Choose?

There are three basic types of metal to choose from when it comes to engagement rings. Those include steel, gold and platinum. The most popular choice is a classic gold. Platinum is the next popular and steel is generally chosen either when someone has an allergy or when the couple wants to have alternative settings with the engagement ring and wedding band.

Here is a brief overview of these three common engagement ring metals:


Gold is, by far, the most popular choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Gold rings come in two varieties: white gold and yellow gold. Additionally, you can purchase pink gold and a variety of shades of yellow gold. Gold can be purchased by the carat. The higher the carat is, the softer and more expensive the gold piece will be. 12 carat gold is the most common engagement ring choice, but it goes up to 24 carat for the very fine rings. However, it is recommended that you do not go quite as high because it is important that your engagement ring is durable and will last for generations with out getting dented or bent.


Platinum is a popular option for couples that either have allergies to gold or want a stronger metal. Platinum is often more expensive than gold, but it also is more durable and has nearly the same color as white gold (the color is silver). Platinum does not bed as easily as gold. Thus, if you think that the diamond you purchase will be expensive, it might be a good idea to investigate the price of Platinum as well. Platinum has less chance of the setting bending, which would result in a lost stone.


Most engagement rings are not actually made of steel. However, steel wedding bands are popular among men and women. Steel wedding bands are hypoallergenic and are extremely durable.


Titanium is a newer, more expensive wedding band material that some couples enjoy. Titanium has the color of chrome and is stronger than steel. Many couples prefer the stronger metal because they believe that it is an allegory for the strength of a relationship.

While there are a multitude of metals to choose from, it is important that you do your research into each type so that you can purchase a ring that is right for you and your future spouse. The ring should be a testament to the bond that the two of you share. As such, make it special!