Choosing a New Hairstyle Look

Wanting a certain look and actually getting it can be two very different things. Stylists are amazing with what they can do, but they aren’t miracle workers (all the time).

The key to getting a good look when dealing with a professional stylist is to be willing to exchange ideas. What you want and what you can actually have thanks to natural limitations of your own hair (or your stylists’ abilities) will sometimes be two different things. Inasmuch, it’s very important to communicate openly with a stylist before rushing into a hairdo. A stylist that doesn’t want to hear your ideas or isn’t willing to offer advice in return is probably not a good stylist.

The best way to maximize the odds of getting the look you want, or at least a great look for you, is to be open and honest. Follow these tips for opening the door of communication:

* Examine different styles you’d like before you go to the salon. Cut out pictures and really consider the options. Would the style you want be relatively easy for you to achieve with your hair? Is your hair in the condition to handle the style? This means is it healthy enough to endure a perm? Healthy enough to undergo straightening? Be honest.
* After you’ve asked yourself the hard questions, eliminate the looks that just won’t work with the hair you have. Stylists can do amazing things, but they can’t completely change nature.
* Bring the remaining pictures into a stylist and ask for advice. He or she should be able to examine your hair and the different pictures and help advise you on the looks that are likely to be possible and those that aren’t based on your hair and its condition.
* Listen and be open to ideas. The stylist might say one look won’t work with your hair, but he or she might be able to suggest something entirely different you hadn’t considered. We willing to exchange ideas openly before the scissors are broken out. Don’t be afraid to say, no. If you don’t like an idea, don’t proceed. It’s your hair. But, also don’t be insistent on a look the stylist says will absolutely not work on you. If you do, remember the end result is your fault.

Hair stylists exist to help people look better. They’re the experts and they generally know their stuff. They cannot, however, work miracles all the time. Remember to get input and listen before diving into a new look, but don’t be afraid to say no to a suggestion you hate. A good exchange of ideas should result in a look that’s great!