Choosing a Hairstyle For Baby

Giving your baby a distinct look through the creation of a hairstyle will depend a whole lot on how much hair you have to work with. Some babies are born with a head of hair that’s thick and long while others start out life mostly bald or darn close to it. No matter what’s on top, however, there are things parents can do to dress up their little ones’ heads for special occasions.

Giving baby the best look needs to start first with hygiene. Babies, in general, don’t need to have their hair washed a whole lot. But when they do, it’s important to make sure a few rules of the road are followed.
These include:

* Shampoo only when needed. Babies’ heads and hair, especially newborns, don’t get dirty often. Hair should be washed every so often to remove a build up of oils (or oatmeal), but it’s not necessary every day.
* Before putting baby in the tub, be certain to have everything from the shampoo to the towel ready. If you’re expecting a call, bring the phone in the bathroom, too. Never leave baby alone for a minute in the tub – even if it’s to grab that baby comb to create a great hairdo.
* Take care when washing the head as sensitivity might be present. Some babies and even children up to about the age of five have difficulty with pressure on their heads. Be gentle when washing.
* Use mild shampoo. Whether a baby shampoo or a ph balanced soap is used, take care to rinse it out entirely and watch out for baby’s eyes. Even mild baby soap can irritate babies’ eyes.

Even with a clean head to work with, parents of babies and toddlers will find nature often dictates hairstyle. For little ones without a lot of hair, try headbands and bows for the girls. Little boys look great with just a good combing through.

If your baby or toddler has enough hair for a style, be careful with the choice. Pony tails and up dos are fantastic for little girls, but watch out with hair breakage and tangling when rubber bands are introduced into the mix. Little girls who have their hair up a lot tend to face a whole lot of breakage, which just doesn’t look good down the road.

While nature will likely dictate what kind of styling can be done with a baby’s hair, there are some options. Generally, a clean head and a big smile are all it takes to make baby look great!