Choosing a Cockatiel Cage

Perfect Cage for Cockatiels

All animals need adequate living space in order to have the best life possible. Limiting a cockatiel’s living space can cause psychological and physical problems that can be easily avoided by buying the properly sized cage. Picking a cage that will suit your cockatiel’s needs areextremely important, so spend some time considering the size and shape before buying one.

Whenever you start shopping for a cage, there one thing all new cockatiel owners should know. Some metals may be contaminated with lead, which is toxic to both birds and humans. Always make sure the cage is not made out of lead or even have small amounts of lead in it. Never assume that the cage you are purchasing is safe.

A cockatiel needs adequate space for perching, flapping their wings and walking around. Cockatiels are better off with a cage that is bigger width wise rather than height. Cockatiels will spend most of their time sitting on the bottom of the cage, so having a very tall and skinny cage will not fit a cockatiel’s needs. Their tails and wings need to have enough room, so they do not become broken or injured from slamming it on the side of the cage. The smallest a cockatiel’s cage should be 20x20x25. A square cage is always better than a round one as well. Anything smaller than this could cause problems for your cockatiel.

Cages have different bar spacing according to the size of bird it is supposed to house. Cockatiels have very small heads and if the bar spacing is too large, your cockatiel’s head could become stuck. This could result in serious injury or even death. The appropriate bar spacing for a cockatiel is nothing bigger than 5/8-3/4″. If the bar spacing is smaller, then that is fine because it should not harm your bird in any way.

Your cockatiel will make a mess, so having a pull out tray on the bottom of the cage is a must. This will make your bird’s home cleaner as well as making cleaning the cage easier for you. The only thing you should look out for is having a tray that is low enough, so your bird is unable to reach its own waste. If he will be able to reach it, then your bird could become sick.

Purchasing the right cage for your cockatiel should be easier if you know follow these guidelines. There are many different kinds of cages for cockatiels, but just make sure whenever you find that special cage, it fits your cockatiel’s needs for a healthy and safe life.