Choosing A Certified Used Car

Choosing A Certified Used Cars

So you have finally decided its time to buy your first car. Maybe you are heading off to college or need better transportation to and from work, whatever the reason this article is designed to help you.
Many people are looking into certified used cars instead of new models. There are many benefits to this, one is they are generally a great deal cheaper than a new one. They have also been through testing, which will check everything from engine wear to original parts or if they have been replaced. Another thing about certified used cars is that they will be significantly more expensive than one you have checked out yourself.
Certified cars also have warrantees on them and many used cars do not. They also have a vast amount of financing available, and are used to dealing with people whose credit may not be perfect. Another thing to consider about buying a used car is that it gives you a chance to buy that car or truck that they normally couldn’t afford. There is a very important detail Certified doesn’t mean the same thing to all dealerships and you have to be careful who you buy from.
So how to know if the dealers are really offering a true certified car or just using the term loosely, very loosely. JD Power and Associates is a good place to start on finding out what it takes to be certified. First the car must pass inspection, it has to be under a certain age such as 10 years, it has to have less than 75,000 miles, the same owner has to have had at least one year, and it has to pass a test performed by a professional mechanic.

When the mechanic goes over the car it is checking to see if it is good enough condition and will not cost too much to make it certified. Considering many dealers offer at least a 100-point inspection on their cars this is extremely important.
Once it has passed these qualifications it is then ready to become certified. One such certified dealer is Honda they have a 150-point inspection, 7 year 100,000 mile Powertrain warrantee, along with roadside assistance, and the vehicles complete history. With all of these perks maybe buying certified is not such a bad thing. The price comparison between buy new and buying certified can run 10’s of thousands of dollars.
If you decide that you want a new car and not a used one, remember a certified Used car has been stated as getting a new car without the cost. However there are many new car dealerships out there that do not offer certified used cars and they have a good reason for it, the cost of their cars are low enough on its own. One thing though even new cars break down and not all the dealerships offer perks that can help you while your vehicle is down.
So when you go out looking your first car, maybe you should check out the Certified Used Car Dealers and compare what each one offers.