Choose The Specialists For Engine Remapping

The better a car engine performs the longer the vehicle will last and the less maintenance it will require, thus in the long term deciding to opt for ECU remapping can save you money.

The engine control unit’s function is to control the electronic components connected to performance, for example fuel combustion. Remapping is a process whereby the maps of each electronic part is altered to allow the vehicle to perform with a higher level of precision and make your driving experience effortless, you may think your car runs fine as it is but once you have had a retune you’re guaranteed to notice the difference.

As a rule, vehicles have their own default value which is set up to cover all eventualities. This takes into account the quality of fuel used, the environment and climate conditions, changing regional exhaust emissions standards, and services that are either irregular or simply don’t happen or service personnel who don’t really know what they are doing. Obviously a default level isn’t always the best for the engine as some places require a lower or higher performance and as a result most car engines aren’t tuned for optimum performance for where they are based. The weather plays a significant factor as the temperature can affect the performance of the engine. If you want to be certain your car is running to its maximum then check it out for yourself.

There are a variety of services who are experts in car tuning and researching the topic will ensure you choose the right one as they all have different ways of working. Some companies will do everything for you, apart from pay for it of course! They’ll pick your car up and return it again once the retune is complete, or will even carry out the work at the location of your choice which could be at home or whilst you’re busy in the office. The whole procedure only takes a few hours so the inconvenience is minimal. And once the job’s done you’re guaranteed an engine that’s more fuel efficient, powerful and performs better overall.

Engine remapping is an intricate yet essential process that needs to be carried out if you want the best from your vehicle and should only be completed by experts. Ensure the service has staff that were trained by the manufacturer of the equipment they are using to work on your car, and the company themselves are ethical with a good reputation for high quality work, give them a call and speak to a specialist with a list of questions ready so you can make a final decision based on all the facts.

Some important questions you might want to confirm are that they only fit remap files that have been written exclusively for your vehicle by modifying your original ECU file. Never choose a company that only offers a generic remap, if the remap isn’t carried out correctly it can result in the motor not running at all and having to replace it which could cost a lot of money and valuable time.

Other elements to check before making your final choice should include that any work completed comes with a lifetime guarantee, and that the original map has been backed up on a corporate server and archived for retrieval if you should need it for any reason.

ECU remapping is a fine art where very small adjustments are made to some of the maps within the ECU to change the way the engine responds and performs. Each adjustment is specific to each car’s engine and within the safety margins required by law. Generally completed within 1 to 2 hours, depending on the type of vehicle you have and what kind of remapping is required, the process is quick and effective.