Choose The Right Canadian Leasing Services and Financing Companies When You Lease Equipment !

You know you want to. We’re talking about dealing. Dealing? Don’t panic, our topic is leasing and financing services from lease equipment companies in Canada. Choosing the right partner and type of lease is critical to asset acquisition strategies for Canadian business owners and financial managers.

You’ve chosen to lease equipment, rather than purchase it, for a variety of reasons. The lease vs. buy decision is a classic business decision that more often than not demonstrates the value of leasing financing. We’re all heard the basics, the tax and accounting benefits, flexibility, ease of acquisition with respect to approval, etc, etc!

Of course when it comes to showing those lease obligations it’s getting harder and harder to mask the fact that at the end of the day lease obligations are still debt. Even recent international accounting rule changes have taken away some of the aspects of off balance sheet financing , but the reality is that operating leases still offer a significant technology hedge ( and a lower payment ) than the capital lease .. Or lease to own option.

When you are looking for the right lease equipment companies to deal with its critical to understand their product offering. Are they focused to small, medium or larger size transactions? Canadian business owners and financial managers don’t realize it, but it’s a very, repeat very small handful of firms that handle all sizes of transactions, from 5k to 5 Million, and we tell clients they can waste a lot of time dealing and negotiating with the wrong firm.

Your current advantage as a Canadian business owner or financial manager is that the leasing and financing services available to yourself are quite frankly… booming! The industry has returned to fairly good health after 2008 – 20009 and the industry is full of captive firms, independent commercial firms, bank leasing companies, all of which are a combo of Canadian owned or foreign owned in some cases.

So, is there a way to wade through the industry players and determine which firm is for you, based on your asset financing and services needs? That requires a lot of time, and some solid due diligence. Naturally a better way to address the challenge is to work with an industry expert, at no charge , to determine the best deal when it comes to rates, structures, types of lease you choose, and , today’s topic, who you deal with .

Other ways you can find the right lease equipment companies are of course through internet searches , referrals from a bank or trusted business friend, , etc.

We’re quite frankly on the side of letting and expert do the work for you , someone who has the experience and industry and market knowledge to negotiate rates, terms, misc fees, and overalls structure with a focus on one goal – maximizing lease equipment services and benefits for your firm .

So, bottom line? It’s not as hard as you think. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on maximizing leasing and financing services for your firm.