Choose A Great Baby Shower Theme

Though a theme isn’t necessary for a successful baby shower, it can be a great way to pull a baby shower together. Unsure of what games you should play? Can’t choose between different food spreads? Pick a baby shower theme and all of these aspects of the baby shower will become clear. Here are just a few to choose from.

Hollywood Themed Baby Shower

Your invitations can look like movie tickets. Your games can focus on celebrity and movie trivia. You can even ask your guests to dress up as movie stars, if you like! And of course, hot dogs and popcorn are one choice for your guests or you could go the opposite direction with fare that a healthy minded Hollywood mom would love.

Tea Time Baby Shower

If you’re having a ‘girls only’ baby shower, a fun way to celebrate the new little one is to host an afternoon tea. Decorations need be no more than what your living room already holds or you may opt for a tea house instead. Food can include finger sandwiches, scones, jam, and of course, a variety of tea for each of your guests to choose from. Accentuating the Victorian aspect of a traditional tea is another option as is heading to the other side of the world for a traditional Japanese tea theme for your baby shower.

Stock The Shelves Baby Shower

All new moms will need baby food, diapers, wipes, bath supplies, formula or bottles – and lots of them. Pick one of these as your theme and ask everyone to bring one as their gift or, if it’s a small item, in addition to their gift to the baby shower. Make sure to specify brand or style if the new mom has a preference, especially with formula. If you choose diapers, designate different guests to bring different sizes. The little one won’t be little for long!

Time To Take Care of Mommy Baby Shower

The last thing a new mother wants to do is worry about the basics after she brings home her newborn. Ask everyone to bring something to the baby shower that will help Mom in the tough weeks following the birth. Some ideas include: frozen casseroles, gift certificates for maid services or offering of your own cleaning or babysitting services. Mom won’t feel like socializing, nor will she likely be comfortable giving up her new addition for a whole night out, but if you come over regularly so that she can shower and nap – that is a gift worth more than gold.