Chiropractic Marketing: The Two Words That Could Prevent You From A Successful Chiropractic Practice

Ya know, in the years that I’ve been guiding and coaching
chiropractors, I’ve discovered something funny about what
separates the successful doctors from the struggling,

Not funny ha-ha, but funny in that it’s not what you would

What I’m trying to say is that what I’ve found to determine
whether a chiropractor will be successful or not is very
different from what you would think would determine success
lack of).

You see, most new chiropractors think the ability to correct a
subluxation or in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology
what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

Some doctors would say that the knowledge and ability to
and keep chiropractic patients is what separates the
from the unsuccessful.

And, even though effective chiropractic marketing ability is
much, much more important than technical skill, that’s still not
the ultimate thing I’ve found to determine whether a
will be a success or not.

Want to know what that ultimate success predictor is?

Good. I’ll tell you.


But, I’m not talking attitude in the sense of always being an
upbeat, happy-go-lucky person who’s always smiling and

That’s not what I mean.

When I say that attitude is what will ultimately determine
whether you’re a successful chiropractor or not, what I’m
about is how you respond to new chiropractic marketing

In a nutshell:

A chiropractor that comes across a new and different
marketing technique or idea, and immediately goes into
brainstorming mode to figure out how he or she can
implement and
test it out, that chiropractor has the right attitude for

A chiropractor that comes across a new chiropractic marketing
idea or technique and immediately comes up with all the
and excuses why it won’t work for them, that doctor has the
absolute wrong attitude, and is destined for a long and
journey in the chiropractic profession.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

One doctor has an open mind.

One; closed.

So, wondering what the heck all this talk about attitude has
do with those two words I mentioned earlier?

They have *everything* to do with attitude.

You see… the doctors who have the wrong attitude always
to a new idea or technique by first saying, “Yeah, but…”.

They learn about a new chiropractic marketing approach and
immediately start with…

“Yeah, but… I just started doing chiropractic.”


“Yeah, but… I live in a really small town.”


“Yeah, but… I don’t have any money to spend on chiropractic


“Yeah, but… I don’t really like the chiropractic marketing part
of being a chiropractor.”

Or… well… you get the point.

The “Yeah, but…” is always followed with some reason (or
excuse) for why the new chiropractic marketing idea or
won’t work for them.

The “Yeah, but…” is just another way of saying, “I can’t do
that because…”

And here’s the reason why using those two words is such a
detrimental thing to your success as a chiropractor:

The moment you say “Yeah, but…”, or anything like it, is the
moment you’ve relinquished control of your practice (and your
life) over to your circumstance, environment, etc.

And… to put it bluntly…. the moment you begin making
for why you can’t do or achieve something with your
practice, you immediately begin going down the path to

It’s important that you always maintain an open mind.

Be willing to give new chiropractic marketing methods a

Be willing to admit there may be a better way of doing things
with your chiropractic marketing than the way you’re doing
right now.

And most important…

When faced with a new chiropractic marketing idea,
technique, or
method, always ask yourself HOW you can use it.

Not IF you can use it.

Apply this type of attitude to all the new chiropractic
ideas you come across in the next 90 days and you’ll be
at how much progress and improvement you’ll make to your