Chiropractic Marketing… The Soprano’s Way!

Seems everyone, including chiropractors, are wondering
Tony Soprano got whacked or not.

I guess it’s a bit of an odd topic to chat about in an email
really dedicated to chiropractic marketing; but, regardless, I’ll
tell you what I think in a second.

It shouldn’t suprise you that there’s a fantastic chiropractic
marketing lesson we can glean from the Soprano’s final

Afterall, David Chase (mastermind behind the Soprano’s) is a
marketing wizard.

Let’s look at what Mr. Chase did leading up to the finale to
create such a loyal fan-base, and how you can apply the same
principles in your practice to create a new patient frenzy
(excited, new fans) and near-perfect patient retention (your
loyal fan- base).

First, the writers behind the Soprano’s always kept us
what was coming next: who was going to get “pinched”, who
going to turn rat, who was going to defect to another family,
what new filthy act Tony was going to commit, etc.

And,. it’s that “what’s next” perspective that we all had that
kept us coming back and tuning in week after week.

So, how can you create that same type of loyal perspective in
your practice, with your patients?


ALWAYS keep things fresh, exciting, and new.

In other words, don’t ever bore your patients.

They should always be thinking to themselves I can’t wait to
what my doctor does next in the office.

What’s the next fun office event?

What’s the next exciting chiropractic marketing promotion?

What’s the next new and unique service?

What’s the next cool retail item?

Remember, by nature, people want to know what’s new, so
be sure
you can answer them in a way that keeps them coming back

SIDENOTE: This is why I highly recommend you regularly ask
yourself the question, “What’s Next?”. It will keep you
ahead with your chiropractic marketing.

Second, the writers routinely gave us a glimpse into the
different characters lives, especially Tony Soprano’s.

The value of this: relationship-building.

As I discuss in the Chiropractic Patient Retention Formula,
you can grab by clicking on the link at the bottom of this
article, patients
will come to your office for the benefits they believe they can
reap from your care, BUT they’ll stay patients with you
of the relationship you create with them in your chiropractic

And, one of the absolute best ways to do that is to slowly
bits and pieces of your personal life in your internal
chiropractic marketing.

Yes, I said “reveal your personal life”.

Remember, people want to know they are being treated by
who is just like them – a regular person.

By showing a picture here and there, in your chiropractic
marketing, of your recent vacation or a family barbeque; or by
talking about your daughter’s recent kindergarten graduation
son’s 50th soccer goal, you’ll create a bond with your

And, that bond, along with new and exciting programs,
etc. in your office, will keep your patients coming back and
“tuning in” to see what’s next.

Lastly, the Soprano’s attracted so much attention because the
writers created a show that was unique, different, and…

And, as Seth Godin talks about in his best-selling book, Purple
Cow, the remarkable is what gets talked about and creates
word of
mouth marketing.

The ordinary gets none of that.

So, if you want to create a buzz about your office be
be worthy of of being talked about, especially with your
chiropractic marketing.

Be different.

Be unique.

Stand out.

Don’t allow your office to be viewed as a commodity – simply
providing the same old chiropractic care every other doctor in
your area is providing.

Think about it…

The television show graveyard is packed with me- too shows
weren’t bold enough to stand out from the crowd of ordinary
television programming, and because of that, nobody noticed

Same fate for a lot of chiropractors.

Anyway, even though (as a fan) I personally wasn’t thrilled
the last episode of the Soprano’s, as a chiropractic marketing
educator I loved it.

So, the big question on everyone’s mind…

What do I think happened to Tony at the end???

Did the guy who walked into the bathroom come out and
whack em?

Did the truck driver guy in the booth whack em?

Did they all live happily ever after?


Well, I’ll tell you exactly what I think happened to Tony.

I think he……