Chiropractic Marketing: The Fastest Way To Build A Million-Dollar Chiropractic Practice

Every chiropractor wants to know the absolute quickest and
easiest way to build a million-dollar practice, well, here’s
how to do it…

With the development of a Dream 100 list.

More about this in a second.

First, it’s important that you understand that one of the
most overlooked chiropractic marketing opportunities when
building any chiropractic practice is in the development of
highly-profitable strategic alliance and joint venture

Establishing and nurturing these types of highly- profitable
joint venture relationships with other local business owners
and operators is THE most impactful chiropractic marketing
thing you or someone on your chiropractic team can do for
your practice.

In fact, leveraging *the right* partner relationships is the
quickest way to skyrocket your patient volume… regardless
of where your practice is located or how long you’ve been


Well, it only takes two or three good joint ventures, where
the business owners or operators endorse you and your
chiropractic practice to their list of active customers,
clients, patients, etc., for you to end up with potentially
several dozen new patients… very, very quickly.


Endorsed offers given to JV partnership lists have been
shown to produce results up to 30x greater than traditional
cold chiropractic marketing.

Meaning: a JV can produce up to 30x more leads or new
patients (depending on the type of offer) compared to
tradional chiropractic marketing.

If that doesn’t excite you, nothing will.

However, it gets even better…

Developing JV relationships is one of the most efficient
ways to invest your chiropractic marketing efforts.


Well, think of it like this…

How much time, energy, effort and money does the typical
chiropractor invest into getting one single new patient?
How much do you invest?

Let’s suppose for one second that you run a $1,000 smnall
space ad, and from that ad, wind up with 10 new patients.

In this simplisitic chiropractic marketing example, you’ve
invested $100 to acquire one new patient.

Now, let’s compare that to a JV relationship…

How much time do you think the average chiropractor puts
into getting one single JV partner who can be worth 5, 6 or
even 10 new patients?

If you’re willing to invest $100, $200, or even $300 in
chiropractic marketing to acquire one single new patient,
shouldn’t you be willing to invest at least the same amount
into acquiring one JV partner who can bring you a lot more
new patients than just 1???

The reason why this flies over the head of average
chiropractors is because they don’t properly track their
chiropractic marketing metrics and have no idea how much
money they really are spending to acquire one new patient.

If they did, they’d realize just how much more efficient it
is to invest money into the development of JV partnerships.

And, that’s exactly why the pursuit of new JV partnerships
and the nurturing of existing ones MUST be an active part of
your on- going chiropractic marketing system… IF…you’re
truly serious about having an extraordinary chiropractic

Assuming you are, one of the best things you can do for your
practice and patient volume (and income) is to spend time
creating a Dream 100 list of the absolute most desirable
business owners and operators you would love to have as JV

Think of all the local businesses you?d love to have endorse
you to their list of customers, clients, etc.

Then, get their contact information and begin contacting
them on a monthly basis to establish a relationship and
develop a JV partnership.

Done correctly, just a small handful of them converted to
JV?s and your practice will never be the same ever again!

Is there an easy, cost effective, hands-off way to build
these profitable JV’s, you may be wondering?


By setting up an automated email system that contacts
potential JV’s and nurtures existing partners with online
video and audio, you can have this entire process occur for
you, every single month, without spending any additional
money and happening in a very unique manner.

Regardless of whether you automate this process with online
technologies or you choose to do all the legwork on your own
offline… you MUST… and I mean MUST… make the
development of JV relationships a regular part of your
chiropractic marketing efforts.

It’s the one thing that will transform your chiropractic
practice into a money-making machine faster than anything
else out there.