Chiropractic Marketing: Most Chiropractors Have A Flaw In Their Thinking With This..

Yesterday I took my kids to the Miami Seaquarium, and while there
I discovered a major flaw in the way most chiropractors think
about one of the most powerful chiropractic chiropractic
marketing methods available to them.

While strolling from one salt water tank display to the next, I
came across a tank with, what was to me, a very interesting and
eye-opening explanation next to it.

I don’t remember what the heck was in the tank, but I’ll never
forget what was next to it.

This little plaque on the wall explained the relationship between
a host and a parasite.

I’m assuming that whatever was in the tank was a parasitic
organism living off some type of host, also in the tank.

Now, please keep in mind that some chiropractic marketing gurus
talk about joint ventures with other local businesses in your
area – an incredibly powerful chiropractic marketing method – as
a host/parasite relationship.

The host being the business owner who you’re approaching for an
endorsement (with a loyal list of customers, clients, members,
etc.), and you, the parasite, feeding off of the goodwill and
endorsement the business owner gives you to his or her list.

Frankly, I’ll even confess, I may have even taught it this way at
one point or another.

However, after reading the definition displayed on that little
plaque at the Seaquarium, of what a parasite really is, I’ll
never explain this chiropractic marketing method that way again.

See if you can pick out the major flaw in creating joint ventures
when you approach them based on the definition of what a
really is.

Here’s the definition:

PARASITE: an organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or
in a different organism while contributing nothing to the
survival of its host.

And, according to the American Heritage dictionary, here’s
another definition: One who habitually takes advantage of the
generosity of others without making any useful return.

Hopefully, the flaw is quite obvious to you.

You see, when most chiropractors approach other business
or operators about doing a joint venture, they approach them with
the mindset and attitude of, “what can this person do for me”.

Their whole entire approach to this powerful chiropractic
marketing method is, “let me see how many other businesses I
get to endorse my business and help me make more money.”

They have absolutely no concern for the owner’s business or
enhanced success through the joint venture.

And, it’s because of that exact parasitic mindset, that most
chiropractors either struggle to get joint ventures, or never end
up getting any at all.

Meanwhile, there’s no more powerful chiropractic marketing or
practice-building method in existence than the joint venture.

When done right, with consistency, joint ventures can grow your
chiropractic practice quicker and larger than anything else out
there… and do it with zero advertising expense.

But, the first step to reaping the rewards of joint ventures, is
leaving behind the mindset of a parasite.

In other words, forget the idea of what other business owners and
operators can do for you.

Instead, think about what you can do for them FIRST.

The absolute best way to create and nurture very profitable joint
ventures, is to seek out non- competitive business owners and
approach them to see how you can help THEM build their
and make more money.

Start by doing something of value for them.

Don’t ask for anything in return.

Give value first. Help them first. Make them more money first.

Then, when it comes time for you to talk with them about
endorsing you and your chiropractic practice to their customers,
patients, clients, etc., it will be a very simple and quick

In essence, the key to using this chiropractic marketing method
and creating solid, profitable joint ventures – that lead to a
whole heck of a lot of new patients and $$ – is to NOT approach
business owners from the perspective of setting up a business

Instead, reach out and see how you can start a relationship with
them based on you adding value to their lives and businesses.

When you do, you won’t even know what to do with all of the joint
venture opportunities you have to choose from.

When that happens, you’ll watch your practice grow by leaps and