Chiropractic Marketing: How To Boost Your Acquisition Of New Chiropractic Patients By 20% In 24 Hrs

Done right, this chiropractic marketing approach actually
requires LESS WORK and LESS TIME than what you’re
doing right now.

Here’s how it works:

First, take a look at the report of findings you do with
prospective patients.

Maybe it’s a formal report of findings.

Or, maybe it’s more of an informal consultation or process
you bring prospective patients through.

Regardless, how many of the prospective chiropractic
patients you meet with in a given week are actually coming
into your office “PRE- SOLD” on chiropractic care with you?

In other words, how many are coming in to your office having
already decided they want chiropractic care with you and are
ready to write your office a check immediately?

For most doctors, not many.

Most chiropractors rely on some type of report of findings
to show prospective patients why they need chiropractic

Most doctors are thrilled to get prospective patients into
their office for some type of appointment. This way they can
bring them through some type of report of findings and
hopefully convince them of the value of chiropractic care.

But, frankly, this way of trying to convert prospective
patients into paying patients is incredbily inefficient,
wastes tons of time, and burns out a lot of chiropractors.

If you’re at all like most chiropractors, this is similar to
how you feel about the typical way chiropractors are taught
to meet with prospective patients.

It just stinks!

But, thank goodness, there’s a better, more effective,
easier way.

Here it is:

Make sure every prospective patient who walks into your
office, comes in already PRE-SOLD on chiropractic care with
you and ready to invest (financially) in their health.

Stop meeting with people you have to “sell” on the value of
chiropractic care.

That’s just nuts.

You’re not a salesman or saleswoman, right?

That’s not why you got into chiropractic care, right? To

Instead, make sure you only meet with prospective patients
who are “sold” on getting chiropractic care with you,
*BEFORE* they ever walk in your door.

This way, your report of findings, your persuasion skills,
and your “sales skills” are all irrelevant.

This way you don’t have to be a “smooth talker”, you don’t
have to “sell”.

Because when people are coming in to your office PRE-SOLD
chiropractic care with you, it’s no longer about how good
you do a report of findings. Or, how persuasive you are when
talking about chiropractic.

They’ve already decided they want to become your patient…
BEFORE you’ve said one word to them.

So, how do you do that, you’re wondering?

How do you pre-sell prospective patients before they walk in
your door?

You do it with your marketing, that’s how.

Always remember, the purpose of your marketing is to make
“selling chiropractic” unnecessary.

In other words, the purpose of your marketing is to bring
people into your office pre-sold on chiropractic care with
you, so you DON’T have to do any “selling”.

Think about it like this…

Have you ever purchased anything where you knew you were
going to buy it before you walked in the store?

If so, you were PRE-SOLD.

I’m sure in that instance your purchase had nothing to do
with any sales presentation or something the clerk said to
you, right?

You walked in there ready to buy… ready to invest.

And, because of that, someone “selling you” was completely

When your marketing does that for you… when it brings
people in pre-sold… meeting with prospective patients and
growing your practice become extremely fun (and lucrative)!

This is why you should never just throw together marketing
for your practice.

It’s certainly why you should also never avoid marketing,
that’s for sure.

Because doing either simply sets you up to meet with people
that are going to need to be SOLD by you on chiropractic

And, when that happens you waste a lot of time, convert far
less people into paying patients, and make a lot less money.