Chiropractic Marketing Changes Forever On July 15th

Have you caught wind of the news?

Some doctors are panicking about the pending price increase
hitting us on July 15, 2007.

Meanwhile, other doctors are chuckling with delight.

What price increase am I referring too, and why are some
excited while others are totally bummed?

The answer in a second.

First, a quick chiropractic marketing question…

What is the worst number in the entire chiropractic
especially chiropractic marketing?

Yeah… the worst number… what is it?

Do you have any idea?

At a loss?

Ahhhh, I’ll just give you the answer.

The worst number in the entire chiropractic profession (and
chiropractic marketing, in particular) is the number ONE.

ONE of anything in the chiropractic profession is a bad thing.

For example:

ONE person in your office who knows how to use your
system… a bad thing.

ONE business in your area responsible for all of your
professional referrals… a bad thing.

ONE patient-attraction method for your office… a bad thing.

And, ONE chiropractic marketing medium used to promote your
office… a bad thing.

Think about it like this:

Anytime you have ONE of anything you and your practice are
extremely vulnerable.

What happens if the ONE person in your office who knows
how to
use your computer system quits.?

Then what?

What happens if the ONE business in your area who’s
people to your practice decides to stop referring?

Then what?

And, what happens if something radical happens with the one
chiropractic marketing method or chiropractic marketing
you’re using right now to promote your practice?

Then what?

I’ll tell you what…


And, that’s what some chiropractors are doing right now as
we get
closer to July, 15, 2007.

What happens on July 15, 2007, you’re wondering.

The postage rates for direct mail go up again, that’s what.
some pretty significantly.

If you have the stomach for it, you can get a quick glimpse at
these new price increases by going to the USPS website.

Frankly, for the doctors who have yet to embrace the Internet
a serious chiropractic marketing medium, these postage
are just another shot to their pockets.

But, as history has shown us, this is what happens to
and professional practices when they rely on just ONE
method or medium.

When something happens or changes with that ONE approach
screwed (excuse the frankness).

How the chiropractors relying on just offline chiropractic
marketing don’t see the power of the Internet to grow their
practice is beyond me!


I mean, let’s look at the statistics:

* 70% of American adults already use the Internet. That
represents about 141 million people.

* 91% send or read email and 91% use a search engine to

* 65% of American adult Internet users, about 92 million
use the Internet on an average day (that is, on any given

And, those numbers are certainly only going to increase as
and more people come online everyday, right?

Add into that the fact that with the Internet it costs pennies
reach those people compared to offline (direct mail), and,
online, those people can be reached with video and audio
at no additional cost, and it should become obvious why the
Internet has quickly become an explosive marketing vehicle

If you haven’t seen the video case study of how Dr. Eric Mintz
generated an additional $11,500.00 for his practice in just 30
days using our online chiropractic marketing technology, you
do that by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

This is why the chiropractors who are using the Chiropractic
Dashboard are chuckling about the postage rate increases.

Because it doesn’t effect them in any way. Really, if anything,
it helps them.

It helps them because they know that some of their
who relies solely on direct mail to promote their practices will
either stop using direct mail, reduce what they’re doing right
now, or simply make less money from their current chiropractic

Either way, the docs using the Internet benefit.

The moral of the story:

1. Never rely on ONE of anything in your practice. It makes
vulnerable. And, it’s only a matter of time before that ONE
is changed, tweaked, altered, etc., leaving you panic stricken.

2. Start promoting your practice online today. No longer is it
the wave of the future in chiropractic marketing. It’s here

Think about it.