Chiropractic Marketing 101: Your Number One Most Valuable Chiropractic Asset

There’s one thing in your entire chiropractic practice
that’s worth way more than anything and everything else

It’s the one thing that – if taken care of properly – can
multiply your chiropractic marketing ROI and income very,
very quickly.

It’s also the one thing that – if *not* taken care of
properly – will… not “can”… will… prevent you from
ever having a large thriving chiropractic practice.

Can you guess what it is?


Alright, alright, I’ll just tell you.

The number one most valuable thing you have in your entire
chiropractic practice is your list of patients.

Not just the list, the *relationship* you have with your

You see, it doesn’t matter how much your chiropractic tables
are worth, your computer is worth, your office space is
worth, without a large herd of loyal patients, all those
things are worthless.

On the other hand, your entire office space could burn to
the ground (God forbid) and if you have a large herd of
loyal patients you can still make money.

The key to this entire chiropractic marketing equation is
having a large herd of loyal patients.

Not just any patients. A herd of loyal patients.

There’s a difference.

Let me explain what I mean…

Herd = a group of patients that you nurture, take care of,
and that appreciate your relationship.

Loyal = patients who look forward to hearing from you and
seeing you.

There’s a subtle point that I want you to get.

There’s a massive difference between just having a bunch of
patients and having a herd of loyal patients.

A herd of patients schedule and keep more appointments.

A herd of patients refer more of their family and friends.

A herd of patients respond much better to new chiropractic
marketing offers.

A herd of patients spend more money with you and lead to a
much larger net cash flow.

The closer and closer your patient list gets to becoming a
herd of loyal patients, the more it becomes worth.

The farther it moves away from being a herd of loyal
patients the less it becomes worth.

The key for you is in creating a responsive, well-taken-
care-of, nurtured HERD, via your chiropractic marketing.

So, how do you do that?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Frequent Contact via your chiropractic marketing.

It’s critical… and I mean critical… that you contact
your patients and past patients, in some way shape or form,
every single month.

Marketing studies show that every month that goes by that
you don’t do some type of chiropractic marketing and contact
your list, the list loses 10% of it’s value.

After 10 months of not contacting your list of past
patients, let’s say, that list becomes worthless.

In other words, at that point, you may just as well contact
a random list of people from the white pages in the
telephone book.

You’d most likely get the same terrible response.

By frequently contacting your list of patients and past
patients (and even prospective patients) every month, you
maintain what’s called top of the mind awareness.

When patients think of relieving pain, because you’re
regularly contacting them, you’re the first thing they think

Not taking Tylenol, using a heating pad, going to a massage
therapist, or anything else. They think of you.

And, when someone they know is in pain, stressed, etc.,
you’re the first thing that pops into their mind.

Plain and simple, regular chiropractic marketing and
frequent contact with your patients produces steady patient
appointments, less no-shows and cancellations, more
referrals, and more income for you.