Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology

The Chinese Zodiac and the Chinese Astrology Calendar

Understanding and knowing your zodiac sign in relation to Chinese tradition can tell a great deal about your personality. Each person is represented by one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals including the goat. These 12 animals are representative of the twelve year, rotating cycle that’s the core of the Chinese zodiac. You have probably heard reference to a particular year as the According to legend, these were the animals that appeared before The Jade Emporer (or Buddha, depending on the story you are referencing) in response to an invitation. The 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are representative of the animals’ arrival order. The tales that detail each of the 12 animal’s expedition are a bit different, but the order that prevails is the following: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Chinese astrology can be traced back more than 2,000 years to early Chinese astronomy. Predictions of the Chinese astrology calendar are dependent upon the Chinese zodiac calendar made by these early Chinese astronomers. Over many years, astrologists in China made an intricate group of beliefs regarding the celestial bodies’ effect on people’s daily lives. The Chinese zodiac calendar and the 12 familiar animals arise from Ancient Chinese astrology.

The Chinese zodiac calendar won’t only deal with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, but also has additional relationships that are more elaborate and complex. Additionally with the animals, the Chinese Zodiac also entails 5 elements: fire, wood, water, metal and Earth. These 5 elements are connected with the 5 core planets: Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The combinations presented by the elements and the 12 animals actually merge to generate the 60-year cycle of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. This cycle, as well as directions, the sun and moon positioning, a person’s date and time of birth, and Yin and Yang are all used to help predict the future of a person in more elaborate detail than only using one’s zodiac animal as a guide. While the Chinese zodiac signs are significant, how the Chinese zodiac elements interact and collaborate really have to be used in order to establish a full understanding of anyone. To totally understand the Chinese Zodiac, it is important and necessary to understand the relationship between all the elements, which is something that most aren’t going to get from the basic overview of the Chinese zodiac.

The understanding that many people have of the Chinese zodiac does not extend very far beyond what they see on the paper place mats that are on the tables Chinese restaurants in their area. But there’s really much more to know and understand about this doctrine that dates back more than two millennium. The Chinese zodiac is thought of as a guide to make a determination regarding the most compatible and best matches between individuals in both romance and business. Each Chinese zodiac animal has specific other animals with which it is thought to be most compatible. Chinese zodiac dating compatibility can determine the best love match for individuals. It’s necessary to remember that there are other aspects of Chinese astrology that go beyond which animal you are represented by, that are additionally thought to be essential in determining those who are most compatible.