Chinese Medicine Treatment for Impotence

Impotence used to be a hush, hush problem few men were willing to discuss with the doctor, much less others. The Chinese medicine treatment for impotence has been around for ages, well before the little blue pill.

Chinese Medicine Treatment for Impotence

There is a mental image of an old Chinese man with a long white beard grinding up a mixture of mandrake root, ginseng, and crushed rhino horn into a potent aphrodisiac for the treatment of impotence. This is actually a mistake. The use of aphrodisiacs was designed to increase sexual potency and staying power, but is not the method of treatment for the more serious condition of impotence. Impotence is divided into two separate conditions known as primary impotence and secondary impotence. Primary, the much rarer of the two, is a condition where sexual intercourse with a partner has never been successfully consummated. Secondary impotence is a condition where past history has indicated successful relationships, but currently the patient is unable to get or maintain an erection.

Secondary impotence has been very successfully treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM describes this condition in a very poetic way. It says that it is caused by a “decline of fire from the gate of life.” Other causes are thought to be exhaustion of the essence and blood as a result of such external conditions as a very early marriage, excessive overindulgence in sexual activity, or too frequent masturbation.

The kidney is closely associated with reproductive function in TCM and damage to the kidney caused by such things as fright is indicated in impotence. Damage to the heart, spleen or the Stomach Meridian caused by excessive worry is possible as well. In some cases, a downward flow of damp heat can be blamed. This multiple causation is typical of TCM which often attributes an illness or condition to one of several possible malfunctions in the basic order and harmony of the human body. As with many conditions, the penis is expected to work properly when all is well. When it fails to perform, the cause must be determined from several possible culprits, and the proper treatment is then indicated.

Acupuncture and herbal treatments are both used depending upon the diagnosis. Acupuncture points relating to the kidney are used as well as points that unblock the flow of Qi through the Stomach Meridian. Herbal remedies also aim at the strengthening of the kidney, and the well being of the heart and spleen. Consideration is given to the general well being and health of the patient as well as modification of questionable personal habits that might be contributing to the patient’s problem.

Western medicine often views impotence as a mental problem although several medicines have recently been introduced such as Viagra that deal with the problem in a chemical fashion. The major philosophical difference in Conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is well illustrated by the use of Viagra. Viagra used an artificial chemical compound that attacks the impotency problem right at the root in the penis itself. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the problem in a much broader scope and deals with it by correcting the fundamental causes underlying the problem rather than dealing directly with the problem itself.