China Sourcing Fashion Fairs

China Sourcing Fairs are a wonderful way of getting business and business partners. Fashion Accessories events at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in China received rare reviews. The fair-featured exhibitors who displayed casual and fashion wear from handbags, special purpose bags such as beach bags, backpacks, and coin purses to different hosieries. All kinds of footwear were also on display – from beach sandals and flip-flops to children’s shoes, from sports shoes and sneakers to men and women’s dress shows and boots.

Global Sourcinghave been bringing buyers together from the past 34 yrs to suppliers through magazines and electronic media. For 13 years, Global Sourcing’ events division has organized key business events that have made China’s presence felt in the International trade.

China Sourcing Fair, which was held in Hong Kong for Fashion Accessories, received good response from buyers and suppliers. In the year 2007 this sourcing event was held for fashion accessories. It was considered one of the largest fashion accessories events. New China Sourcing Fair also held the swimwear and underwear rounds and featured over 870 booths. To see these hot products and events a total of 13,717 people visited from 108 countries. A full range of accessories starting from leg wear to head wear were featured for the fashion event for spring collection. This was one of Asia’s largest trade events. Items included fashion handbags, hair accessories, multi-purpose bags, caps, and fashion accessories like casual & fashion footwear, belts, gloves & mittens, shawls, sunglasses, hosiery and luggage. The special nature of the show won the hearts of one and many buyers. The pavilions were easy to find and products were classified clearly. Different kinds of fashion accessories were housed in the same place, which was very convenient for the buyers. People liked China Sourcing Fair very much; a lot of good potential suppliers found their business booming.

The large range of products satisfied many buyers and one Turkish first timer was very happy about it. The fair was full of options and opportunities. New China manufacturers and suppliers from China & Asia also drew buyerÂ’s attention in a big way. The local suppliers at the source fair were from different parts of the China. Many were from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Waxy, Wenham, Hingham, Indio, Mingo, Naming, Yew and. Suppliers also include those from Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Meeting all the locals in Hong Kong under one roof was very convenient for the buyers who came to the show. Mr. Gorier of A.C.I. Staircase Group also commented that without a show like this it would not have been possible.

In this China Sourcing fair, several famous International brands were attracted by the huge quantity of China manufacturers. Big shots from Marks & Spencer, Wal-Mart, Benetton, Gap, Diane Fries, Boots, Peacocks, Twiggy Maternity Wear, Case Logic, Decathlon, El Corte Ingles, Jusco, Louis Vuitton, Toppy, Cols Myers Asia etc were there to see the latest in fashion accessories from all over China. Many global Sourcing events like these are a big success due to the huge support from buyers worldwide. Suppliers keep the quality buyers busy by showing them their latest designs. Thus, the China Sourcing Fair Fashion Accessories event is for importers, volume buyers and purchasing managers who want to source direct from competitive suppliers from China and Greater China.