China Business Travel and Visa

What do you need whenever you want to travel to another nation; well it is anybody’s guess. Apart from the other things such as money, firstly you require permission to travel to that country which is known as visa. Now this discussion is important because even when considering China business travel for any purpose such as import/export or global sourcing deals, a visa is surely a must for everyone travelling for such purposes. Since the government in the region is trying to develop China business travel in the interest of the region, it is imperative that visa formalities should be kept to minimum possible limits keeping in view other requirements such as the security and integrity of the nation. People travelling for import/export activities and business deals related to global sourcing certainly need to be aware of the formalities required for China business travels and how to go about it.

As with any other country there are several categories of visa permission associated with travel to China and in this article we would be mainly interested in finding out about the category dealing with China business travels which would include import/export and global sourcing deals as well. There exist several categories such as L visa which is a tourist visa and anybody wanting to tour China can obtain after completing the required formalities.

F visa or business visa is the one which is required for China businesses travels and include other activities such as import/export and global sourcing. This visa can be obtained from the concerned embassy or high commission of the People’s Republic of China and is usually valid for three months or six months period depending on the fact whether it is a single entry or double entry visa. It must be ensured that the person leaves the nation prior to expiry of the China business visa otherwise it could attract heavy penalties from the authorities which are quite strict in the matter.

Of course this article is not meant to give detailed instructions about the process of obtaining a China business visa nor would it go in details about how one can go about carrying import/export or global sourcing deals in the nation; rather it just serves to give a brief overview about the same to the reader who could then expand upon it by doing some more research.