Chimp Simple! Explored The Canadian Government Loan? Get The SBL Guarantee Difference!

Chimp simple? That comment came from a client the other day, and we can think of no better way of using that expression for the Canadian government loan program, aka the ‘ SBL ‘. (Small Business Loan). And as you know, the old expression is ‘ even a monkey could …’!

So is there a way of addressing the SBL government guarantee program in a way to actually keep it simple… and quick? We sure think there is, and here’s how.

Most business owners have finally realized that local bank approval of your business financing loan rarely is local anymore. In fact it never is period. What complicates this matter further is that while the Canadian government SBL loan is sponsored by the gov’t in reality the banks run the program. Therefore you have to know what you are doing to effectively and quickly move through what many perceive as a complex process. Trust us… it is not!

Once you understand the players you’re now in a position to understand the process. So focus on a solid loan package that will be easily evaluated by your banker for submission under the government SBL guarantee guidelines.

Just to clarify, you are only personally guaranteeing 25% of the loan, and the government guarantees the majority of the loan to the bank. Simple so far, right.

All that’s left is the basics which we maintain is not complicated at all. Those basics include a basic business plan or very strong executive summary, some cash flow forecasts (bankers love them, trust us on that) and some very traditional what we will call ‘ back up’ info on yourself and your business – items such as your personal net worth form, confirmation of no tax arrears, and your ability to demonstrate that you run your personal financial life in a responsible and reasonable manner. (That is validated by your credit bureau report)

So as we have demonstrated here , there is no long chain of approvals here, just the recommendation of your banker , the completeness of your package, and a final review by an underwrite you will never meet .

So why are we trying to satisfy someone we’ll never meet. Simply because if you have properly addressed the 4 or 5 key things you need to support your loan request there should be theoretically no reason for an underwriter to not approve your loan. In Canada currently SBL guarantee loans max out at $ 350,000.00 and cover a variety of financeable assets such as equipment, leaseholds, application software, computers, etc.

So why do many clients share experiences of unsuccessful Canadian government loan approvals. We put that down to communication.

You simply haven’t communicated a strong package that you and your banker can articulate as having the small handful of basics required for the program. And at rates, terms and structures equal to those of larger firms you can’t afford to not get this financing that otherwise might not be available under normal borrowing circumstances.

So, is it all really Chimp simple?! We still maintain it is, so speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can put you efficiently through the process and on the road to small business financing success.